Last week instead of doing my usual link love post I gave you ten top crochet blogs to check out. I did that because I was spending the whole week in Tucson and wasn’t able to cull through my usual hundreds of crochet posts to find the best ones for you. I’ll tell you a little secret. I knew that I’d be out of town and that I might not have a lot of time to read crochet blogs so I pre-wrote that post before I left. And I’m pre-writing this one as well, because in addition to my week in Tucson I had plans to spend the following week in Los Angeles with my brother and my mom. My mom rarely gets a chance to take vacations so it’s exciting to be able to relax for that time with her.

So, yes, I don’t have link love for you but I do have ten more favorite crochet blogs. These are blogs I often get links from when I look for good articles to share with you. So I hope you can find something there. And don’t worry, link love returns to normal next weekend!

1. Creative Carmelina

Creative Carmelina is a crafter with a distinct style all her own. She often combines crochet with other art and text for neat home products.

2. Twinkie Chan

Fun crocheter Twinkie Chan has been posting pretty regularly lately. It’s always fun to see what she’s up to!

3. Crochet Spot

Crochet Spot is a multi-writer blog. It usually has at least one simple free crochet pattern during the week, along with tutorials and tips for crocheters.

4. Poetry In Yarn

Poetry in Yarn regularly posts links to crochet-related news, which is one of the main things I look at, but there are lots of other crochet goodies from this designer as well.

5. Webs Yarn Store

Webs yarn store’s blog is heavy on the knitting but sometimes there are crochet-related posts. Look especially for posts on Tuesday’s when they often give a helpful tip of the day.

6. Eclectic Me

Eclectic Me isn’t a blog that has frequent posts but whenever there are posts they’re usually of interesting crocheted items.

7. Repeat Crafter Me

Repeat Crafter Me is often a good source for free crochet patterns.

8. Crochetology

Crochetology is another site where you can find crochet patterns and tutorials.

9. Crochet Cabana

Crochet Cabana, who crochets a lot of great work for charity, always shows off her terrific work. She sometimes has crochet patterns as well.

10. Crochet Mama’s Blog

Crochet Mama’s Blog is a great resource for crochet book reviews. This blog also has patterns and other inspiration.

Check back next Saturday for links to specific top crochet articles when Link Love resumes!


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    @CrochetBlogger @websyarnstore LOVES crochet! Thanks for the mention :)

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