2011 in Crochet: Tracey Emin, Christhoper Kane, AHA Bolivia, lovers’ knots

What was going on in September 2011 in crochet? How has it changed? What about some longer-ago history? It’s all here in this post. It starts with International Crochet Day, which is every year on September 12th. It is also the time for the annual 60 Scarves in 60 Days.

Crochet Art

I looked at the crochet in the work by artist Tracey Emin. Emin is a terrific artist. She doesn’t typically work in crochet but has included crochet pieces in some of her work in the past. I liked her 2008 public art project to raise awareness about teen pregnancy; she crocheted items like baby booties to place on display around town. Emin currently has an exhibit going on at Turner Contemporary and is part of an online year-long exhibit through Tate.

Crochet Books

I reviewed Crochet Master Class. This is a great book to give you an introduction to many different techniques in crochet. Marie of the Underground Crafter blog did a terrific series for her Year of Projects last year exploring this book and sharing what she learned and made.

I won Totes for all Reasons by Marty Miller, which I enjoyed and then eventually gave away to someone else to enjoy, too.

Crochet Inspiration

5 Must-Have Crochet Items for Surfers. The list included crochet swimwear, barefoot crochet sandals and a crochet water bottle tote.

Crochet News

AHA Bolivia for Fair Trade Crochet. I’ve since written about fair trade crochet many times; I mentioned this organization in my article on the topic for Crochetvolution.

Woman Crochets Flags 18 Hours Per Day

Crochet Fashion

Designer Christopher Kane Nominated for Fashion Award

Crochet Quotes

Here were some of the smart things people said:

“I fell in love with Bruges lace because it not only resembles the filigree work of vintage bobbin lace, but it also offers a challenging variety of shape, color, and yarn to experiment with this.” – Crochet Master Class

“Crochet is a popular trimming for several reasons: it is quick to do, hard wearing, and infinitely flexible to work. After all, there is only one stitch to concentrate on at any given time, and the next stitch can take a variety of forms and positions.” – Kate Haxell

“In the early nineteenth century, young women spent hours creating miles and miles of laces to decorate the large quantities of household linens and delicate personal undergarments that would fill their hope chests.” – Jennifer Hansen

“I love needlework history, especially that of the Victorian period. Victorians embellished everything, and a tassel cover tells it all: They embellished the embellishment!” – Nancy Nehring

Crochet on Etsy

I loved putting together a collage of Lovers Knot crochet on Etsy


I wanted to try this metallic crochet thread. I never did end up getting it, though. I don’t crochet with thread very often but I’ve enjoyed a few types of thread in the past year including Bre-Aly Threads and Hilo Haven Waxed Thread.

I reviewed Fern Loop-d-Loop yarn. This novelty yarn has limited application but is so beautiful when done right and this remains one of my favorite scarves to wear.

Tips for Getting Free Yarn on Listia

Other Things

I checked out the Affordable Wonders blogroll to find new crochet blogs to read. This was a small blogroll with several new finds for me to enjoy.

I made a list of 25 Etsy Shops that Sell Crochet

This Day In Crochet History

I looked up this date in crochet history and found an article from 1972 about The Service League. This is a group that volunteers with New Mexico hospitals and it is still active today. One part of the program is to create knit and crochet items for babies in these hospitals.

Did you miss any of these posts last year? You can visit the originals using the links throughout this post.


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