Alessandro Zambelli is an Italian industrial designer whose lines include a diverse array of items from fashion to furniture. He’s also the designer of a series of filet crochet placemats referencing pop culture. It’s an interesting departure from his other work and I kind of love the surprise element of these crochet designs.

Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli is an Italian designer from Mantua who got a degree in Industrial Design and Technique of Materials from the Cova Foundation of Milan. He launched his own studio in 2002 where he designs a fascinating array of items including furniture, tableware and fashions. His work has been exhibited in shows and commercial spaces across Europe, the United States and Japan. His mission statement says “he seeks the dialogue between the essence and the irony in every project, expressing them in coherent shapes”.

Pop Culture Crochet Placemats

I learned about Zambelli because he has a line of filet crochet placemats that caught my attention recently. I had seen a headline somewhere saying that there was a Pac-man crochet placemat and I just had to click over and see it. I love the game (I’m a master of Ms. Pac-man!) and expected to see the usual colorful chunky designs associated with pop culture crochet. It surprised me to see filet crochet – what an interesting pairing of a crochet technique that has an old-fashioned air with a subject in pop culture. It seems to be right in line with Zambelli’s mission statement!

In addition to the Pac-man placemat he offers Pong, Breakout and Space Invaders.

Other Zambelli Designs

Other Similar Artists

Emerging artist Issa Abou-Issa has also referenced both Pacman and Space Invaders in her work

Hartmut Hass was named the Master of Filet Crochet in the book Crochet Master Class

I’ll definitely have to add Zambelli to the list of crocheters the Italians can be proud of!


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