I am so proud to announce that an article about my new book, Crochet Saved My Life, was featured in the first issue of Knit Edge Magazine, which came out a week ago.

Knit Edge Magazine

Knit Edge Magazine is a brand new magazine in the needlearts scene. It is produced by Cooperative Press. The book launched in 2012 with a premiere “issue zero” at the summer TNNA show. This issue, released September 14, 2012, is the first full issue of the magazine. The issue includes:

The Article

In my article I explain about my own personal history dealing with depression and how crochet helped me. I talk about how this led to my work in crochet blogging and eventually the writing of Crochet Saved My Life. I tell a bit about the book. I hope this article is something that a lot of the readers of this new magazine can relate to!

Knit Magazine Taking a Crochet Article

I am especially proud that the magazine featured my article since it’s a knitting-focused magazine and my article focuses on crochet. Of course, the benefits of crocheting that I talk about transcend just the craft of crochet. My book’s topic will appeal to knitters and other crafters of various kinds. Nevertheless, the title itself is related to crochet and it’s so great to see this title right on the front cover of this knitting magazine. I have seen other knitting magazines start to show more support of crochet as well. It’s so great to see! A post from Shannon says that there will continue to be crochet featured in future issues of the magazine.

Get your copy through Ravelry for $6.99. The magazine will come out three times per year; a subscription gets you about 30% off of the cost of each issue.


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