The knit and crochet world, and the world in general, really paid attention last year when Missoni released a line for Target. I have to say that I really didn’t like that line, but I liked a lot of the crochet patterns that were inspired by Missoni’s signature zig zag striped style. And I’m a huge fan of the regular Missoni designer brand which incorporates lots of knit and crochet.

More About Missoni

It is very rare for a major fashion brand to be known specifically for knitting but that’s exactly what Missoni managed to do. Rosita and Ottavio Missoni met at the London Olympics in 1948, married and opened a small knitting workshop five years later. Five years after that they sold their first collection. By the early 1980’s they’d added a men’s line and home decor collection. The label was taken over by their daughter Angela in 1998. Their grandaughter, Margherita, is a Missoni model and designer. The signature Missoni style incorporates tons of color and pattern, frequently features chevron-style zig zag designs and is rooted in knitwear with some crochet.

Missoni Crochet

Missoni Crochet Flowers, Winter 2010/11

Missoni crochet dress, via Outstanding Crochet

Missoni coat, combo knit and crochet

David Brooks’ Missoni Crochet Sweater

Margherita Missoni wearing a Missoni crochet dress over a black slip

Fashion Verbatim asks, “Don’t these leggings in Missoni’s fall campaign remind you of Rodarte’s recent foray into crochet?”

Crochet Inspired By Missoni

My very favorite crochet item inspired by Missoni is this coat by Fashion Martina. You can buy the crochet pattern on Ravelry. It’s expensive at $19 but it’s a truly unique pattern.

Missoni-inspired crochet Chevron blanket by Vickie Howell

Etsy’s sheilalikestoknit sells the crochet pattern for this Missoni-inspired baby blanket

More Missoni

Missoni on the runway

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  1. I love Missoni! I crocheted a big scarf (and so far, my favorite one) last year, inspired by the first look on your post. It’s a great project to use all the yarn scraps in your stash! xox, d.

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