Mary Quant was only a fashion designer for about fifteen years but her designs contributed greatly to the sensibility of fashion in the 1960s. There are several vintage knit and crochet patterns out there bearing her name.

Fashion Designer Mary Quant

British fashion designer Mary Quant is credited with designing the miniskirt, the hallmark garment of the 1960s when her designs were best known although she actually opened her first boutique in the mid-fifties. If you think of a quintessential sixties fashion statement, you’ll have a good picture in mind of the basics of Quant’s style. By the mid-1960s she had expanded to open a cosmetics line and by 1970 she wasn’t really making clothes anymore but instead had a business of cosmetics, interior design and accessories. She sold her business in 2000.

Mary Quant Crochet Patterns

In my search for crochet by Mary Quant I found several old crochet, knitting and sewing patterns with her name on them. I can’t tell if these were made by her or just crafted after her style, but either way they’re cute:

Knit sweater and socks with crochet details, via Etsy’s LittleJohn2003

Mary Quant crochet dress pattern sold on eBay

Other Mary Quant Crochet

Etsy’s funkomavintage sells this Mary Quant cotton shirt featuring crochet details

Mary Quant Worn with Crochet

Mary Quant’s 1960’s style works really well with crochet so it’s a great brand for people who like vintage clothing.

Here Fashion Void shows how to wear a great Mary Quant blue jumpsuit layered with a crochet dress

Other Mary Quant Fashions

This post is part of my Designer Crochet series.


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  1. The Mary Quant crochet patterns were designed by her in 1965 – she did a collection of knitting and crochet for several different spinners, but all in Courtelle yarn that year, and then did a similar thing in 1966. Most of them are knitting patterns, but I have seen a couple more Lister ones that look like crochet, and some of the patterns combine the two, e.g. a knitted cardigan with a crochet edging. Most of them look really good – you could make them now and they would look right (with some exceptions e.g the stocking and the little helmets that fasten under the chin).

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing that extra information with us – so great to know!

    • Hi.for many years ive owned a knitted mary quant poncho.its red with a black eagle on it.could it be a collectors item worth selling?best wishes.

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