The romper is a terrific little garment that’s a little bit tough to pull off. It’s even more difficult to look great in a crochet romper because fit is just so super important with this clothing item. But when it’s done right, I swear that the crochet romper is just about the cutest thing ever. Here are eleven examples to inspire you.

This great hoodie romper is called the Vesper Romper, it was in the Summer 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet

Etsy’s 2ndlookvintage sells the vintage pattern for this great 1970s crochet beach romper

Anna Kosturova Crochet Romper

White crochet beach romper via StylishlyMe

Etsy’s shopCOLLECT is selling this retro 1980’s purple romper with a crochet top and crochet pockets on the shorts. Cute!

Bebe Crochet Romper – honestly I don’t believe that this one is truly crochet; that looks machine done. But it’s great crochet inspiration!

SazzybySharell on Etsy sold this cute pink crochet romper, showing that this style can look great on a real woman and not only a highly-styled model

Green Crochet Romper spotted on Vice Fashion

I adore this fabric romper with crochet details at the top – looks chic but comfy

Free People has a terrific cotton romper with crochet back detail and crochet straps

Etsy’s clutchinstructions sells the vintage crochet pattern for this great 1970s short-shorts romper

Would you ever wear a crochet romper? Why or why not?


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