You might have missed these posts during the week but if you’re a crochet lover then you shouldn’t have! That’s why I’ve rounded them up for you here.

Something Special

My new book in Knit Edge! I’m so excited that Issue One of Knit Edge, which just came out yesterday, features an article about Crochet Saved My Life! Check it out!

Smart Crochet Words

  • Planet June’s 6 month commissions model review. 6 months ago crochet designer June Gilbank launched a new crowd-sourced commissions model for designs that I thought was really smart. She did a review on her blog this week that shares more about it and what she’s learned from the experience so far.
  • Remember Rowan: Laurinda’s 1st Crochet Pattern Book. Laurinda Redding, who shared her story of crocheting through grief in my book Crochet Saved My Life, has just published her own first book. It’s a sampler pattern book that is available in both left-handed and right-handed versions. Some of the proceeds are being used to fund a charity in honor of the daughter she lost.
  • What is Felting? Petals to Picots started a series of posts explaining what felting is all about.
  • Seamless Color Transition. Champaka, who sells crochet earrings on Etsy, shared how she was having trouble making a “seamless transition from one color to another” and found a fix.
  • Curvy Girl Crochet Review. @CrochetKitten reviews this new book that’s been getting lots of great attention lately. Post includes a giveaway ending 9/18
  • Reno Updates. @crochetlibfront is one of the many people at the Knit and Crochet Show convention in Reno this weekend and she’s keeping us all updated on the happenings. I’m so excited that my new book is represented there in the CLF booth!

Beautiful Items People Crocheted

By Hook By Hand is working on new crochet doll faces for her Bleuette Doll

Jenn Likes Yarn is working on a box stitch crochet afghan. She’s using a pattern from the Sep/Oct issue of Crochet Today

“Tanks for the Slippers”. Posted on Cheezburger, shared with me by Carol

How to Crochet

Best New Crochet Patterns

Best New Crochet Video

Mikey of The Crochet Crowd shares tips for better body positions so you don’t hurt after crocheting for long periods of time. Saw this on Stitch and Unwind.


  • What is your favorite fiber animal and why? Every Monday Stitch and Unwind hosts a giveaway based on the answers to a question they’ve posed. This week it was “what’s your favorite fiber?” It’s fun to read through everyone’s answered. I answered alpaca, particularly baby alpaca, which was the most popular choice. What would your answer be?
  • How to Wind a Center Pull Ball. Instructional yarn tip from @websyarnstore

Other Stuff You Might Like

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy reading!


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