I’m in the process of decluttering my home. One of the things I had in my craft box was a set of Mizuhiki paper cords that I’d purchased in Japantown over a year ago. I’ve never quite known what to do with them. I thought I’d sit down and try crocheting with them. It didn’t really work but I thought it was an interesting experiment and I’d love to see someone else try it.

Mizuhiki Paper Cords

I live near San Francisco’s Japantown where there is a really adorable origami / paper store. I don’t go there often but whenever I do go in there I see a bunch of beautiful things I want to try out. Awhile back I decided to get three sets of Mizuhiki paper cords (in teal, silver and black). These paper cords are used for jewelry making.

Mizuhiki paper is made from rice paper or washi that’s been twisted tightly and then starched. It gets really stiff so it functions almost like plastic or wire. This paper has been used to make a variety of symbolic items over time but in modern times it’s mostly used to make jewelry. The description in the origami store says that it’s like a Japanese form of macrame, which interested me.

I did try to make some jewelry using the directions that came with my paper. However, the instructions were drawings only, without words, and I’m terrible at understanding picture based instructions. I gave up on it pretty quickly, I admit. I was going to try to find some information online and try again but I never got around to it.

Crochet Attempt

After decluttering this last time around I decided that I needed to either use the Mizuhiki cord or donate it to the craft thrift store. I decided to see if I could crochet with it.

The actual act of crocheting with the paper cord was easy. It functions like a thick crochet thread or a light wire. I played around with several different hooks (all aluminum Boyes in different sizes) and for me the E size was the best one.

The problem came because the paper cords are so short. I couldn’t find a good way to connect one cord to the next. So although I was able to crochet a single cord easily, I couldn’t really make anything with a single cord. And since I couldn’t find a good way to connect the cords to one another, I couldn’t really figure out what to do with this type of paper crochet.

The one thing I was able to do was make short crochet chains and then wind them together at the ends to make bracelets. That was kind of a cute project.

Any Ideas?

I would love to know if anyone else has ever tried crochet with Mizuhiki paper. I bet there are people out there who are more crafty and innovative than I am and who would be able to figure out a smart way to make longer cords and crochet beautiful items out of them. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!


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