Last month I had the terrific opportunity to do a guest post about my book, Crochet Saved My Life, over on crochet designer Sarah London’s beautiful blog. I thought I’d share an excerpt from that guest post here because it highlights how crochet helped three of the women who were interviewed to share their stories in my book. Read all of the women’s bios here.

“A woman suffers a violent attack and the trauma of a trial to bring her attacker to justice. She struggles with PTSD and related symptoms including depression and anxiety. To heal, she crochets squares for charity, creating projects filled with love to help comfort those who have also been through what she’s been through.

Another woman struggles with fear and worry as she goes through days of temporary blindness caused by a condition that doctors can’t seem to diagnose. She works through the feelings by crocheting, focusing on pulling up one stitch at a time and how she can still be productive in this small way even if her sight never returns.

A third woman battles low self-esteem and depression after a long bout of unemployment. She finally starts up an Etsy store filled with her crocheted items. It may not support her family entirely but it allows her to contribute to her household income and feel useful and confident again.”

Read my full guest post on Sarah’s blog.

These are just three examples of how crochet can help people who are going through many different experiences in life. Crochet can also improve your quality of life even when everything is going well. Celebrate the craft!


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