There are many amazing women who crochet and we celebrate them often in our crochet community. But it’s good to sometimes take the time to specifically recognize the men who crochet. Many men do crochet, and have for a long time, and quite a few are talented artists and designers in their own right. Here’s a look at 20 wonderful male crochet artists and designers.

1. Dale Roberts

dale roberts crochet art

Dale Roberts is a male artist who does mixed media work utilizing a lot of crochet. He loves to work with basic single crochet and double crochet stitches in unique ways. The piece shown here is a recycled kitchen item that’s been crocheted over with cotton and twine.

2. Charles Voth

stitch stud crochet sweater

Charles is a knit and crochet designer. You may know him better by his nickname: Stitch Stud. He does all different types of knit and crochet designs (including the sweater shown here) but has been focusing recently on menswear.

3. Nathan Vincent

nathan vincent crochet locker room

Nathan Vincent is a crochet artist whose work has been featured in recent crochet magazines and art exhibits. He is best known for his crochet locker room. Learn more about Nathan Vincent here.

4. Miller & Shellabarger

2008 crochet tube

This duo is a partnership in life as well as in art. They are contemporaries of Nathan Vincent and are actually currently part of an art show that he is featured in as well. They do many different types of art, including a little bit of crochet. Learn more about Miller and Shellabarger here.

5. Andy Aguilar

dope fiends amigurumi

Andy Aguilar is an artist who makes crochet and knit amigurumi characters and then does videos using them as the characters. They’re edgy, urban videos that aren’t what you typically see in the crochet world. Learn more about Andy Aguilar here.

6. Frank Lincoln Viner

crochet coat

Frank Lincoln Viner was a crochet designer in the 1970s. He made beautiful crochet coats as well as more three-dimensional sculpture pieces. Learn more about Frank Lincoln Viner here.

7. Walter Nottingham

walter nottingham

Here’s another male crochet designer from the 1970s. His work was featured in both of the books by Del Pitt Feldman written at this time. One of his textile sculptures is shown above.

8. Matteo Molinari

crochet menswear

Molinari is a fashion designer who won an award in 2011 for his crochet menswear collection. Learn more about Matteo Molinari here.

9. Pablo Cabahug

cabahug 4

Here’s another award-winning male fashion designer who uses crochet in his designs but his garments are for women instead of men. Learn more about Pablo Cabahug here.

10. Nigel John

crochet bikini top

Nigel is a fashion designer who creates urban designs inspired by his parents’ home of Trinidad and Tobago. Some of his items, including swimsuits and caps, are crocheted. Learn more about his brand Legin Knits here.

11. Jose Luis Zelaya

dreambeannies crochet

Zelaya is a student from Honduras who is getting a college education in America. He doesn’t qualify for financial aid so he has to pay his own way. He earns money by selling items he crochets. Learn more about Zelaya here.

12. Erik Hansen

crochet beanie firehouse

Here’s another young guy who has made a whole business selling crocheted items. Learn more about Erik Hansen here.

13. Doug Guildford

male crochet artist

Guildford is an artist who creates large scale crochet installations with an eco-message. Learn more about Doug Guildford here.

14. Ivano Vitali

crochet artist ivano vitali

This guy combines art and fashion using unique crochet and knitting as his medium. He crochets paper into stunning works of wearable art. Learn more about Ivano Vitali here.

15. Jack Davis


This unique guy has made an entire lifelong art career out of crocheting penises! Learn more about Jack Davis here.

16. Jerry Bleem

crochet flag

Jerry Bleem is an artist who loves to explore controversial topics like politics and religion in his art. How interesting that he uses the soft art of crochet to make many of those statements! The flag above is part of his Nationalism series.

17. Evan Plevinski

crochet shawl

Evan Pelvinski is a knit and crochet designer. He works for Happy Knits and sells his patterns (like the crochet shawl shown here) through Ravelry.

18. Aldo Lanzini

aldo lanzini crochet costume1

Aldo Lanzini is a crochet costume designer who also makes some edgy wearable fashions. Learn more about Aldo Lanzini here.

19. Nick Cave

crochet art nick cave

Nick Cave is also a crochet costume designer. He is best known for his “sound suits”. Learn more about Nick Cave here.

20. Michael Kors

michael kors crochet fringe vest

Did you know that famous fashion designer Michael Kors was a crocheter when he was younger? He also has a lot of crochet in his modern collections.

Come back tomorrow morning for a post profiling another male crochet designer: Mark Dittrick, author of great 1970s book Hard Crochet.


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  1. ElevenHandmade Reply

    I think Crochet Dude and Shannon from Shibaguyz also deserve to be mentioned among male crochet designers. :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ElevenHandmade It’s true. I really should have made it longer than 20 because there are several people I left out. Just means I’ll have to do a follow up article!

  2. BarelyCrocheted Reply

    @FreshStitches @CrochetBlogger My dad learned 2 knit as a kid. Home sick from school for 2 weeks. Bored. Sister taught him to knit socks!

    • FreshStitches Reply

      @BarelyCrocheted So did my hubby! He’s quite impressive :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @BarelyCrocheted @FreshStitches Awesome! I think it’s great so many men knit and crochet. I’m gonna need to do a follow up post to this one!

  3. Hi Kathryn,
    This guy has recently published a crochet book for men.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau Think so? It looks like a novelty yarn so I’d think it’s just soft acrylic. He actually has several other pieces I like a lot better but I’ve posted them multiple times on the blog already before this so I figured I’d share something different! :)

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  8. Yes, I was going to mention Shannon Mullet-Bowlesby (Shibaguyz) and also James Walters as two I was sorry not to see here. Love the ones you did include–great list!

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