Usually on Saturday mornings I do my link love posts where I show you all of my favorite crochet-related posts from the week. I love doing those posts. However, I’ve spent the entire week in Tucson with my family. The trip was for a very special occasion: my dad’s 60th birthday. My dad is a double-transplant survivor and has now had his kidney transplant for more than ten years so this is a really big celebration in me eyes.

Since I’ve been focused on spending time with my family, I wasn’t able to read as many of the crochet blogs as I usually do. So instead of doing a link love post, I thought I’d share with you the top ten blogs that frequently find their way into my link love posts. It’s a good bet that these blogs will have posted something interesting this past week!

1. New Stitch a Day

NewStitchADay features daily tutorials, with video, for both knit and crochet stitches. They cover both the basics and some more fun advanced stitches.

2. Fresh Stitches

Stacey of Fresh Stitches is known for her crochet stuffed toy designs. What’s funny is that even though I don’t crochet stuffed toys I always follow her blog. That’s because she always has smart tips and interesting things to say.

3. Crochet Kitten

Selena of Crochet Kitten is a great resource for book reviews, patterns and general information / inspiration.

4. Crochet Liberation Front

Laurie of Crochet Liberation Front never does a throwaway post. All of her posts are meaningful contributions to the crochet community.

5. Jenn Likes Yarn

Jenn Likes Yarn is the blog of a knit and crochet designer. That means that there aren’t always crochet posts but often there are and I always love seeing what she’s working on.

6. Stitch and Unwind

On Mondays this blog asks a question related to crochet and a lot of readers give their answers. It’s always interesting to read! Stitch and Unwind also features designer profiles and other fun things throughout the week.

7. One Sheepish Girl

This blogger calls herself a knitter and that may be her primary craft but I often find good crochet-related goodies on this blog. They turn up frequently in my link love so it’s worth a check to see what’s been over on One Sheepish Girl this week.

8. Jimmy Beans Wool Blog

Another knit-heavy blog that is worth checking out for its occasional good crochet posts is the blog from Jimmy Beans Wool. Look specifically for the smart posts from crochet designer Dora Ohrenstein.

9. Crochet Me Blogs

Interweave’s Crochet Me blogs have pattern links, crochet inspiration, tips and more. Check it out!

10. Crochet Today

I can always count on Crochet Today to share the latest in crochet news whether that’s about yarnbombing or crocheting for the current season.


I hope that provides you with some good hooky reading in place of my link love links!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. newstitchaday Reply

    @CrochetBlogger @freshstitches @sheepishknit @crochetkitten @crochetlibfront Wow! thanks for including us with all those other great sites!

  2. sheepishknit Reply

    @CrochetBlogger @newstitchaday @FreshStitches @CrochetKitten @CrochetLibFront thank you so much for including me! :)

  3. Jenn Likes Yarn Reply

    Thanks so much for featuring me :) You have no idea how thrilled it makes me to know that you look forward to my projects!

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