2011 in crochet: Boo & Chuckles, Xenobia Bailey, Kathy Merrick, Ming-Yi Sung

What was going on in August 2011 in crochet? How has it changed? What about some longer-ago crochet history? It’s all here in this post.

Crochet Art


I profiled Xenobia Bailey, a terrific crochet artist who does great work with mandalas, crochet hats and other inspired designs that have a multi-ethnic flair to their graphic style. I mentioned her again in October when she had a new exhibit and again more recently in my roundup of New York crochet artists because she’s working on a cool new public art crochet installation for the subway system there.

I also profiled Ming-Yi Sung. I actually just mentioned this artist again because of a video referencing her that was posted on Crafty Crafty that made it into last week’s link love roundup. Ming-Yi Sung recently had work featured in Artomatic 2012. Other that that I haven’t heard much about her lately.

Artist Olek had a new exhibit up at this time last year at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. The exhibit, titled “The Bad Artists Imitiate, The Good Artists Steal”, draws inspiration from graffiti artist Bansky and has some Basquiat feeling to it with the crossed-out text.

Crochet Books

I reviewed and really enjoyed AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher Crochet Books: AwareKnits

I also reviewed Kathy Merrick’s Crochet in Color. I loved the contemporary projects in both multi-color and monochrome and the great friendly tone the author uses throughout the book. I did a second post sharing some of her tips for crocheting in color.

I was curious to learn about Bendy Carter’s crochet novel Dying to Crochet. I didn’t ever end up getting the book; it was too cost-prohibitive for a genre of fiction I know I’m not typically a fan of. I mentioned it again in my cross-blog crochet conversation with Sara but still never followed up on getting a copy. Has anyone read this story?

Crochet News

Some of the news I loved reading about:

Crochet Fashion

I did a mid-August roundup of celebrities spotted in crochet. Kylie Migoue was seen sporting a $1300 crochet purse. The brand was Dolce and Gabbana, which we’ve seen in post after post is a brand that loves creating crochet handbags of all kinds!

Chuckles & Boo stood out for updating vintage crochet.

Crochet Quotes

Here were some of the smart things people said:

“I hope this post finds you all living happily with a smile on your face and perhaps a crochet hook close by.” – Easy Makes Me Happy

“Tunisian crochet is a cross between knitting and crochet, sometimes called tricot or shepherd’s knitting.” – source

“I notice that sewing, beading, knitting, drop spinning, wheel spinning, crocheting each have their own movement and each movement calms me in a different way like a special tuning of my body . Drop spinning clears my mind and lets thoughts form easily. Sewing beads is best for despair. Crocheting is best for building enthusiasm.” – Streetcolor

“Magpies are known for swooping down and capturing bits of tinfoil, food wrappers, and brightly colored pieces of string to add to their nests. This is very similar to the way I collect yarns.” – Kathy Merrick

”I unwind myself like a multicolored skein, or I make string figures of myself, like those woven on spread fingers and passed from child to child. I take care only that my thumb not miss its loop. Then I turn over my hand and the figure changes. And I start over. To live is to crochet according to a pattern that we were given. But while doing it the mind is at liberty, and all enchanted princes can stroll in their parks between one and another plunge of the hooked ivory needle.” Richard Zenith

“Crochet is the perfect way to personalize a project with a design detail that will make a simple idea stand out and be noticed. A small pattern can be made bold with a change of fiber. An edging can be made crisp and sculptural or delicate and light by changing the gauge and hook size.” – Kate Haxell

“Crochet is personal. What we make is personal. What we form is personal. No one can take it away from you, no matter what they say, or think, what you do is valuable.” – Crochet Liberation Front

“The women say they get more out of the lessons than learning a new hobby. The crochet class also encourages them to interact in a positive way with one another, relieves tension, allows for spiritual fellowship and improves their outlook on their future.” – source: article on crochet in prison

Crochet on Etsy

  • I put together an Etsy mosaic themed “sunny skies“. It’s all pretty yellows and blues in crochet – great for a smile!
  • I did a second mosaic called For the Love of Angora.
  • And I shared a cover-up crochet dress that remains one of the most popular posts on this site.


I reviewed Carpe Diem by Lang

I reviewed Patons Silk Bamboo, a yarn I love

I reviewed online yarn seller Glen Echo Designs

I reviewed Bluebird Yarn, a Sausalito LYS

Here What I was Up to A Year Ago

I made some cute little granny square bags for my Year of Projects.

I upcycled fishnets into crochet-edged armwarmers.

I played with some hyperbolic crochet art

I crocheted a colorful scrappy bag

I had to frog tons of things, so I asked the question – is frogging work depressing or inspiring? What do you think?

For my Hooked Together project I explored the blogs on the blogroll of A Surprise Every Time. She was already following some of the same blogs as me, like Rip It Good and Master of a Thousand Things but I also discovered some new blogs here like Claire Gets Crafty, Glitter Vinyl and Thread and A Morning Cup of Jo. I also explored the Abby’s Yarns blogroll.

I made a list of 25 people to crochet something for. My list was people I wanted to make things for but it’s also designed to serve as an inspiring example for people who want to make their own lists to guide their next stage of crafting.

I was really exited to be the winner of Giveaway Day #3 over at The Oxford Family. I was supposed to win the crochet hook organizer shown above and two other things. I never received the organizer even though I contacted the person giving it away more than once. I also never heard back from one of the other two prize givers. It happens. I’m not bitter. But it would have been a cute organizer to get!

This Day In Crochet History

Heading to the Google news archives, I checked out what happened during this week in crochet history in 1976 and found a fun article about The Captain and Tennille. The famous recording duo was getting ready to launch a new music TV show. What does this have to do with crochet? It mentions that Tennille doesn’t get a lot of free time but when she does she enjoys filling it with crochet as well as embroidery and neeldepoint. Fun fact!

Did you miss any of these posts last year? You can visit the originals using the links throughout this post.


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