Last year I shared an article with you titled Dog Lovers Learn to Crochet to Make Afghan for Sick Friend. It was about a woman on pet lovers’ social networking site Dogpawfile whose husband had cancer. A friend of hers asked people to make an afghan to comfort the man. The finished afghan was sent to him along with a scrapbook of photos of the crafters.

I recently received an update about this story from a woman named Anne who wrote the original story about the afghan for the Atlantic Highlands Herald where I’d read about it. She says:

“Obviously, you understand the healing power of handmade articles, which are sometimes a personal touch…a personal prayer…for those in need. Sadly, Alan, the individual we made the afghan for, passed away in November. His widow, my dear friend, Lynn, cherishes the afghan and will forever.”

I wanted to share this update here as a reminder that the little personal things we do with our craft really make a difference in the lives of others!



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