When I was doing my research for Crochet Saved My Life I came across a program at a place called Interim House. Although it’s mostly a knitting program, I’ve seen some creations posted on their blog that were crocheted. Either way, I think that they offer a valuable program model that I wanted to share here.

Interim House

Interim House is a non-profit program to help women in Philadelphia who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse problems. It has offered inpatient treatment since the early 1970s and since 1993 has also offered outpatient treatment.

Interim House Knitting Program

Interim House launched a knitting program in 2004 that has been successful in helping women in their program gain valauble skills. They received donations of yarn and other supplies to keep the program going. Their community has been highly supportive of the program.

6 Benefits of Craft Program

The description of the knitting program on the Interim House website cites six major benefits that they’ve seen people experience:

  1. Offers a positive skill to help cope with everyday stressors.
  2. Increases self-esteem.
  3. “Fosters the healing process by helping women stay grounded”.
  4. Creates a sense of community within the group as the participants help each other with the craft.
  5. Allows people in the program to network with volunteers in the community.
  6. Creates the possibility of an income through “selling, bartering and/or acquiring a marketable skill”.
These were some of the same key benefits that I discovered about crochet when doing the research for my own book. Craft heals!



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