crochet water bottle cozies

We all know that it’s important to get enough water. Dehydration leads to a number of different health problems including fatigue and kidney stones. The easiest way to get enough water is to constantly carry a bottle with you (preferably a re-usable bottle since that’s more eco-friendly!) That’s made more comfortable if you have a water bottle carrier, which is one reason why crochet water bottle holders are so popular right now. Want to make one? Here are ten popular free crochet patterns to get you started.

1. Water Bottle Holder for the Girl on the Go

crochet water bottle holder

MarilynKnits offers a free crochet pattern for this easy water bottle holder made mostly with single and double crochet stitches. It even comes with a bonus holder for your lipstick.

2. Simple Stripe Water Tote

striped water bottle tote crochet

Rhonda Rowley offers this free crochet pattern for a cute water bottle tote that closes with a drawstring matching the center stripe in the design.

3. Quick Water Bottle Holder

crochet water bottle cozy

Crochet Me offers the free crochet pattern for this quick-and-easy water bottle cover worked in the round with a G hook.

4. Sock Monkey Water Bag

sock monkey crochet

Posh Pooch usually designs items for pets but this great sock monkey water bottle holder is great for their owners.

5. Two Strands Crochet Water Bottle Bag

water bottle holder crochet

DMW Knits free crochet pattern for this water bottle bag calls for working two strands of yarn held together. This creates a lovely design with the yarn and makes for a sturdy water bottle bag.

6. Over the Shoulder Water Holder

shoulder water bottle holder crochet

I love the thick sturdy strap on this crochet water bottle pattern. The design is by Lee Mathewson and the pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

7. Cotton Crochet Water Cozy

cotton crochet water cozy

Kat Mcab designed this pattern (free on Ravelry) with cotton yarn because it absorbs the condensation from water bottles better than wool.

8. Crochet Water Bottle Bag with Tassel

tassel crochet water bottle

The little tassel gives some decorative flair to this crochet water bottle bag designed by Marty Miller and free on the Fave Crafts site.

9. Stainless Steel Water Bottle Bag

Stainless Steel Water Bottle crochet

A convenient free crochet pattern from the Moogly blog

10. Chunky Crochet Water Bottle Cozy

chunky crochet water bottle

I like the chunky look of this crochet water bottle cozy pattern from Luv2Crochet; this version was crocheted by dorsia

Do you drink enough water? If not, what’s the biggest barrier for you?


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  5. Just need pattern for #4 Green water bottle pattern! Having major problems to obtain it so appreciate some HELP!

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    I’m having trouble with #2 and #3. When I click on the link for #2, it takes me to which looks like a Hollywood gossip website. #3 takes me to Interweave… I really like these patterns!! Please help!!!

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