We’ve just passed the time of year when the annual Year of Projects begins on Ravelry. Basically you make a list of goals you would like to accomplish or patterns that you would like to complete in the twelve months beginning mid-year and then you post weekly on your blog about your progress. I joined up last year with the goal of making twenty five crochet bags. They were intended to be used in place of gift wrap for Christmas so as you may recall I was very active in working on them and posting about them for the first six months of the project … then I kind of trickled off because I just wasn’t enthused about finishing the ones I hadn’t finished by Christmas.

To Recap: Here are the Crochet Bags I Did Make

I love these crochet bags. I’ve used many of them as gift wrap. And I like having a stack of them around for the random gift that comes up and needs some personalization. So I’m glad I did this. I also learned a few new things and feel like I could easily whip up crochet bags out of my own head without any problem.

2012/ 2013 Year of Projects

I have decided not to officially participate in Year of Projects 2012. I went back and forth about this but here are the reasons I finally decided not to participate:

  • I don’t really spend much time on Ravelry. This is the main reason. I think you can get a lot out of this challenge if you participate in the forums and are active in communicating with others who are also doing the project. But the truth is that I don’t really like forums. The medium just doesn’t work for me. So I didn’t really do a lot with the forums, which is a big part of the challenge.
  • I have a lot on my blogging plate already. As you may have noticed, I keep to a pretty strict schedule of posts here on the blog. For example, you’ll almost always find posts about crochet artists on Mondays and posts about designer crochet on Thursdays. There isn’t a good space in this schedule where I would include Year of Projects posts. I had previously been doing those on Sundays but now I’m doing my Year in Review posts on Sundays. So as a blogger, this project just doesn’t feel like it fits for me right now.
  • I don’t really like the mid-year start. I realize this is kind of a dumb reason but it’s true. I like goals that fit inside of a timeline that makes sense to me and mid-year to mid-year feels off to me.

Although I personally decided not to participate this year, I think it’s a great challenge. I’m a huge list maker. I have lists of goals for my day, week, month, year and life. I’m not kidding. I think it’s great to set, organize, review and meet goals of all kinds. And I’m definitely going to follow along with others to see what they do with this project.

As for me, I definitely think I need to set some crochet goals to give some structure to the random assemblage of different things I want to learn in crochet. However, the timing isn’t right for me. Perhaps for the New Year? We’ll see … In the meantime, you can expect that I’ll just keep making random projects and sharing them as they develop.

Are you participating in Year of Projects? Why or why not?


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  1. I am taking part of the second YoP. The first year really got me motivated and I managed to accomplish quite a bit in the yarn department. I learned new techniques throughout the year by taking classes and by reading other peoples blogs. I live in an area where yarn crafts are not a ‘big’ deal. So having an outlet where there are other people that love fibery goodness as much as I do is something i need to keep me encouraged. Plus, I have got to get my stash down somehow. LOL

    I will miss you on Ravelry but have you on my bloglovin list so I will still be able to follow your blog as you post.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @menoce Thanks so much. I think it’s wonderful that YOP was such a great experience for you. It’s a joy for me to be able to follow along with people who really get a lot out of it so I look forward to seeing what you do with it even though I’m not technically participating this year myself.

  2. undergroundcrafter Reply

    I know the feeling. Other people’s timelines can be a drag. I really learned a lot last year from my Year of Projects journey through Crochet Master Class, so I was excited to join in again this year. I’m feeling a bit guilty about including some knitting projects in my goals though, since in my head it became associated with crochet ;).

    By the way, I love your new banner!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter Hi Marie … Your projects were among my most favorite to follow and I intend to follow along with you again this year too – knitting and all :) Honestly I think all crafts are a good thing and if you can stretch yourself in new ways with boyth crafts then that’s even better!

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