I love to feature the work of many different crochet artists here on this blog, from the small to the large, the conceptual to the realistic. I like all different types of crochet art, but you can’t deny that some pieces stand out above the rest in terms of just being extreme crochet.

Here are what I think are the top ten examples of extreme crochet art:

1. Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s Crochet Playground

My profile of Toshiko Horiuchi has been far and away the most popular post on this blog. It’s easy to see why when she’s created something as cool as this crocheted playground!

2. Seventeen Evergreen Polarity Video

I love the work that Sarah Applebaum does but it’s her work in this video that really takes showing it all off to the extreme!

3. Olek’s New York Crochet Apartment

New York crochet artist Olek has done so many outstanding, large-scale works of art that it was tough to choose just one for this roundup. In the end, I chose her first New York apartment installation because it was really the debut of her crochet art to the larger world plus it was edgy with the text she chose to incorporate into it.

4. Mary Poppins by Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos made this stunning mixed-media piece in 2010; right now it’s hanging in Château de Versailles where the artist is the first female artist to show contemporary work. The artist says that this piece is “handmade woollen knitting and crochet, industrial knitted fabric, fabrics, ornaments, polyester, steel cables” … I say it’s awesome!

5. Larger Than Life Lions by Shauna Richardson

I first profiled crochetdermist Shauna Richardson early last year when she was in the early stages of working on the Lionheart Project that she’s doing for the London Olympics. This project has consistently been in the news since that time and it’s because it’s such a great example of extreme crochet!

6. Magda Sayeg Yarnbomb Scooter

Magda Sayeg, like Olek, has taken a yarnbombing / street crochet style and made it commercially successfully. I chose this specific piece because I think it defies many stereotypes that exist about knitting/crochet.

7. Aldo Lanzini’s Crochet Costumes

I adore the crochet costumes and masks done by Aldo Lanzini (who also does work that verges on wearable but edgy-wearable for sure). What I think really elevates it all to the next level, though, is that he always pushes the envelope with the setting for his costumed characters, whether that’s in photos, videos or performance pieces.

8. Broken Heroes Series by Patricia Waller

In terms of content, I think that the crochet artist that pushes the boundaries the most is Patricia Waller, especially in her Broken Heroes series where she depicts iconic pop culture characters in states of disturbing distress like the Minnie Mouse rape scene we see here.

9. Granny Square Wreck Room

I’ve written about several rooms covered in crochet . This one by Allyson Mitchell is entirely made of crochet squares.

10. Cashmere Biker Jacket by Christopher Kane

Crochet doesn’t have to be scream-out-loud to be extreme (although it’s easier to tell that it’s extreme that way for sure!) This cashmere biker jacket by fashion designer Christopher Kane is extreme, in my opinion, because it takes the granny square to a huge new level in terms of catwalk fashion.

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  1. icrochetinoh Reply

    don’t really like the Minnie mouse one but the rest are fun t look at.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @icrochetinoh I can understand that. I don’t think you necessarily need to like an art piece to recognize that it’s powerful. Patricia Waller makes a huge statement in that series about celebrity and the damage that modern media can do to people (using pop characters in place of specific celebrities). But of course it’s more heartwarming to look at a huge crocheted playground. They’re just different types of art … in my opinion.

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