2011 in crochet: Kate Middleton, Extreme Crochet, Ravelry Store

This week I’m debuting a new addition to this “look back” weekly post series. As usual, I show you what was on the blog a year ago and how that crochet has been updated today. But then at the end of the post you can also find a fun fact about this week in crochet history – this week we’ll look at crochet in 1961.

Crochet Art

The crochet artist I profiled at this time last year was soundsuit artist Nick Cave. I love his wacky mixed media costumes that incorporates lots of found crochet.

I haven’t seen a lot of new stuff about Nick Cave since last year. The calendar and blog on his site have been quiet. I did see a short video of his work on YouTube recently that’s a new upload:

And a recent interview with Nick Cave revealed that his “next major exhibition of Soundsuits will be in Lille, France, this fall”.

I was loving the Keep Calm and Crochet On poster art sold online. Etsy’s PosterPop sells similar posters.

And I did an interview with CrocheTime who makes gorgeous crochet clocks. You can keep up with all the latest about this artist on the crocheTime blog.

Crochet Books


The book I reviewed was Hip Hats and Cool Caps, a fun crochet book with urban headwear patterns. More recently I featured a few of these hats in my roundup of 100 unique crochet hats. The author of this book lives a natural and creative lifestyle, enjoying not only crochet but also cooking, health counseling and fitness. You can say hi to her on Twitter @afyaibomu.

Crochet News

The last space shuttle went up in the sky and it had a piece of crochet art on it!

I wrote about Catherine Rabbito, a 94-year-old woman who crocheted about 5 hours per day

It was the World Extreme Crochet Championships, which weren’t so extreme but were amusing

I did a look back at some old crochet news: male crochet champions of the 1950s

Crochet Fashion

Kate Middleton was spotted in crochet

This crochet cover-up was featured at Miami Swim Week. The 2012 event starts in the middle of this week so I’ll definitely have to check in and see if there’s crochet there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is since crochet swimsuits are all the rage right now.

Crochet Quotes

“As an artist, I think yarn bombing is a way to bring art to the people. Whether yarn bombing is done in stealth or with permission, I think it’s an extremely positive, creative, uplifting, happy experience for the people creating it as well as the people seeing it and living with it.” – Carol Hummel

“Crochet transfers your energy and brings it to life through a hook and yarn.” – Afya Ibomu

“Of late years there has been a great fashion for garments in crochet of all sorts, and this fashion shows no sign at all of dying out.” – Historic quote from 1925

I’m itchin’ to be stitchin’ – Anonymous


I did a review of of a unique yarn called Álafoss Lopi by Ístex.

Here What I was Up to A Year Ago

I shared 25 Things I Learned From Crochet, which is part of my complete series of 25 inspiring lists for crocheters

I laid out my plan for Year of Projects. You can see the final post for this project here where I also explain why I chose not to participate again this year.

I continued to moderate the Hookin’ Up project. In this edition we saw reviews and interviews with Anastacia Knits, Mom with a Hook, My Hook and Yarn Adventures, The Yarn Stop, Yarns and Musings and Crazy Crochet Blog.

In this week of last year I had a sponsor for the blog: Affordable Wonders; we did a stitch marker giveaway. It looks like the main site isn’t up anymore but you can still visit Affordable Wonders on Etsy. Of particular interest to crocheters may be the section where you can buy crochet patterns for baby photo prop items.

I crocheted the Sleeveless Cowl Neck Cable Dress, which is an Affordable Wonders crochet pattern. I also did a review of the pattern.

And some things I mentioned in My Crochet Corner:

– I was enjoying SF crafting in public. This is the local monthly crafting group launched by @futuregirlcraft. To be honest, I stopped going for various life reasons and then never really found my way back but it’s a cool group that I’d recommend to anyone here in San Francisco.

– I was participating in the CLF freeform CAL. I got about halfway through it and ended up with a crochet art piece.

– I had started using Disqus for blog comments. Eventually it turned out Disqus didn’t work too well for me so I switched to LiveFyre which is what you’ll see in the comments section below!

– I was seeking stories for my plan to write a book about the health benefits of crochet. The book is now done! Crochet Saved My Life will be released on August 1, 2012.

This Day In Crochet History

Heading to the Google news archives, I checked out what happened during this week in crochet history in 1961 and it turns out that crochet was on the runways of Rome! I first saw a piece in The Evening News that gave an overview of “Europe’s first high fashion showings for the coming season.” The article notes that pieces of mention tended to harken back to the romance of the 1920’s with features like beaded embroidery and crochet wool. Digging a little bit deeper I found that one of the key designers of the Rome shows that year was Valentino who debuted a collection of all white evening wear dedicated to Jackie O. The evening collection doesn’t mention crochet but the article goes on to note that for his daytime collection he “trimmed jackets and dresses in buttons of wool crochet or spaghetti loops of fabric”.

Did you miss any of these posts last year? You can visit the originals using the links throughout this post.


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    I have both of Afiya’s cool books! There is one hat in there that I’ve made at least 50 times or more! Wish I could pull up the name of it. I was hoping for more books by her, but she seems to have turned her attention to health food; I want more crochet! I love the crochet clock AND I love the Keep Calm and Crochet On. I’ve seen it with “Carry” substituted for “Crochet.” Now I know where to buy it. I’ve saved the image for now.

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