Here’s a look at what was going on here on the blog a year ago, with updates relevant to those aspects of crochet today.

On the Blog

This was the time when the Hookin’ Up blog project kicked off, starting with my overview of KRW Knitwear.

Crochet Art

It was at this time last year that yarnbomb-style crochet artist Olek was crocheting a costume for a live piano player as part of an installation art piece; later I wrote about how the mayor played her piano. I mentioned recently that found crochet artist Melissa Maddonni Haims also just crocheted a piano as part of a similar outdoor art exhibit. Olek’s piano was part of the Sing for Hope annual exhibit of pop-up pianos in New York. The event doesn’t seem to be happening this year but will return in 2013.

I profiled the art of Doug Guildford, a Canadian artist who does large scale sculptural work, crocheting from found objects like rope and netting. Guildford actually has a show opening today at Ross Creek Art Galleries in Nova Scotia.

I also wrote a little bit about freeform crochet artist Gwen Blakley Kinsler. Above is her self-portrait in yarn. I love her freeform work and named her “best in freeform” during my December crochet blogger awards.

Crochet Books

I did a review of Creative Crochet Jewelry by Esther Zadock. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry from this book was the Golden Daisy Necklace:

Other items featured in this book can be seen on the designer’s Ravelry page.

Crochet News

Crochet Fashion

I wrote about some of the celebrities that had been spotted in crochet including Irina Shayk, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Claudia Schiffer (above). I recently showed Irina Shayk in crochet again, this time wearing an Armani crochet swimsuit. She was also spotted towards the end of last year wearing what looks to be a knit dress with crochet details:

At this time last year I was loving this new Pucci crochet dress:

Since then, I’ve done a more complete profile of Pucci crochet.

Also at this time last year was the Milan Fashion show.

Crochet Quotes

“I could crochet my way to China”. –Denise Pittman

“For some time I had always chosen easy patterns because I had felt that I couldn’t possibly tackle more complicated ones. And then courage grew in my heart—I looked past the “skill level” portions of patterns, and simply tried everything I wanted to try. When I came to a part I couldn’t understand, I did everything in my power to overcome it, and I didn’t stop until I did conquer it. As a result, my knowledge and skills in crochet grew with each pattern I triumphed over. So always think you can do anything, crochet-wise!” – CrochetSpot

“The truth about crochet is that it is a diverse and deep hobby. Once a person picks up regular ole crochet, then comes exploration into the world of tunisian crochet, entralac, interlocking, graphing, and a host of other types of crochet.” – Crochet with Cris

“When evening comes and I’m rather tired after a long workday, getting out the crochet hook and some yarn re-energizes me. Everything else melts away as I relax with my crocheting.” – Tove Fevang

“My mother’s hands were work-worn from the many tasks she had to do each day, but they still held a needle and thread to make things of great beauty, crochet a doily or to darn a well-worn sock with a hole in heel or toe.” – Jeannine Roediger

“Cashmere yarn is a perfect indulgence for a lace scarf- just imagine having that sort of buttery softness wrapped up against your throat or shoulders!” – Tanis Fiber Arts

“Because it is a radical act of freedom, creative achievement is a heroic process that requires, in all its permutations, specific strengths of character.” – Robert Grudin

Here What I was Up to A Year Ago

I’d gone on a trip and brought back lots of yarn and thrifted crochet.

I picked out the 25 patterns of crochet bags that I wanted to make for my participation in Year of Projects. I did end up making most of them, although not all of them. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I want to participate in the project again this year.

I was having trouble identifying knit vs crochet in photos and asked if others have this problem, too. I’m better at it than I was a year ago for sure. I still don’t always know and certainly don’t always get it right but the more and more exposure I get to photos of crochet, the better I get at identifying it correctly. Can you tell the difference in photos most of the time?

I made sexy armwarmers by upcycling old fishnets with crochet.

I did a review of Lanalux, a sparkly yarn. This is a bobble scarf I made with it.

Did you miss any of these posts last year? You can visit the originals using the links throughout this post.


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