When I did my roundup of ways to say crochet in 25 languages I listed the Latvian option as tamborēt. I’ve since learned that this is the word for crochet as a verb but if you want to talk about crocheting then the word is tamborēšana. If you want to talk about something that is crochet, a crochet noun, then the word to use is tamborējums (or tamborējumi if it’s plural). And if you’re talking about the people who crochet then the words are: tamborētājs (male), tamborētāja (female), tamborētāji (many people crocheting), tamborētājas (many women crocheting). Thanks so much to Linda Skuja of Eleven Handmade for that helpful information!!!



I’ve already named Eleven Handmade once as a favorite blog in my first roundup of top foreign language crochet blogs. This blog is also the reason I became interested in Latvian crochet blogs in the first place. Blogger Linda Skuja makes really beautiful crochet designs that are among my favorite of any crochet designer. She shares great photos of her work, along with other news and information, on her blog. This blog is bilingual with English translations of all posts.

You can tell from the logo that Ramona rada is a Latvian crochet blog featuring both crochet and knitting. The blogger shares what she’s making with a photo and a description. I especially loved her take on the Wool-Eater blanket – great color choices! Some posts share symbol charts for the patterns used. Some posts on this personal offer insight into the blogger’s life but most are knit/ crochet.

Pukuzirnis is from blogger Madara who enjoys living a creative life and sharing it here on the blog. Post topics include herbal cosmetics, creative recycling, sewing, cooking and more but there are lots of posts about crochet. I love the blogger’s use of bright colors and the variety of projects she does. This blog has a built-in translation option.

Ceitaspasaule is a Latvian blog with a built-intranslation option. It features both knit and crochet but mostly crochet. All of the posts have large deatiled photos that are so enjoyable to look at because the blogger uses great color choices. Even the posts that aren’t about crochet are fun to look at because they have photos of colorful flowers or other nice things.

Ivas istaba is rich with large format photos that are brightly colored and fun to look at. Some are of crochet projects, including lots of recent crochet hats that are really beautiful. Some are of other things from the blogger’s life from her family’s activities to food she’s enjoying. This blogger is active on Pinterest and Instagram in addition to the blog.

MazaPaSaule is a multi-craftual inspiration blog from a Latvian blogger filled with lots of ideas. Earlier this year she did a great photo roundup post where she showed her ideas for different crochet things she wants to create. You don’t need to know the language to appreciate that!

Tamborlapa is a crochet blog where the blogger shows what she’s made and sometimes shares a little bit about it. The photos are rich and clear and she often includes a detail shot in addition to a photo of the fill item. What she makes varies and includes pretty wearables and fun hyperbolic shapes.

Kikii Hobiji is a pretty, personal Latvian blog filled with updates about the blogger’s creations. It looks like she spins, knits and crochets so if you’re an all around yarn craft lover then this one might be for you. The blog hasn’t had any udpates since May but it’s been active for more than three years so I expect they’ll be back. We all get busy, right?!

If you enjoy crochet blogs in other languages, make sure you’ve seen my lists of Portuguese Crochet Blogs, French Crochet Blogs, Italian crochet blogs and Spanish crochet blogs.


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