I’m continuing on with sharing some of my favorite crochet blogs in foreign languages. This week I’ll share some German crochet blogs. One way to start finding crochet blogs in another language is to do a Google blog search (or even a Pinterest search) for the word “crochet” in that language. In German, crochet is häkeln.

8 German Crochet Blogs

Cutelicious is a terrific German craft blog filled with sewing and crochet. It includes tutorials, link parties and more. And yes, everything is super cute.

Kleines Fadenallerlei is a crochet and knitting blog with the standard blog format of sharing a project with photos and a bit of description. An African Flower Ball is an example of a recent project done by this blogger.

Pfiffigste Hakelblog is basically an amigurumi blog in German. Each post shows photos of the items that’s been made and often includes inspiration photos and process photos. So for example, a crochet bat post shows photos of real bats. I especiall love a series of fish that includes crochet fish as well as some fish that are crochet + fabric.

Another German amigurumi blog is Esbelotta. It has a built-in translator button on top that allows you to switch between the German version of the blog and the English version. There are several crochet tutorials on this blog.

Anne-Marie’s Crochet Blog is a bilingual blog with posts in both German and English. Once a week there’s a creative link-up that I always enjoy checking out. The blogger’s own crochet is always bright and colorful.

Gemeinsam Häkeln is a multi-blogger crochet blog. It looks like a group of participants (no more than 15 at a time) all do their version of the same crochet project and then post about it. Fun!

MorganMagic in Avalon is a German blog that covers family life and various crafting experiences including crochet. It has lots and lots of photos.

Kreatives aus dem Drosselgarten is a German blog that covers lots and lots of topics (you can see them in a tag cloud at the top of the blog) and crochet is one part of that. There are some great fun photos on this blog. For some reason I especially love the photos of a row of grannies in this post.

Other Notable German Crocheters

I didn’t want to end this article without mentioning a few things and people:

Barbara from Made in K-town is one of my favorite crochet bloggers from Germany. She’s not included above because her blog is in English but she definitely deserves a mention!

Germany’s Alexandra Bircken is one of the crochet artists I’ve previously featured

Jil Sander is one of the fashion designers in my Designer Crochet Series and is also from Germany.

And did you know that Germany was an early hot spot for crochet patterns (in the 1830s)? See my crochet history timeline.

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  1. Great blogs – thanks for linking.
    Anne-Marie’s is Dutch though, not German :)

    • CrochetBlogger

      @KimmyS Hm. Thanks for letting me know. I clearly don’t speak either language! Google Translate tells me that they are both German. Dumb Google. I was going to do Dutch blogs next, though, so I guess I’ll have a couple to add to that!

      • @CrochetBlogger @KimmyS no problem hun – I am German and speak also Dutch, so it was easy for me to know :)))
        Look forward to the Dutch Blogs, they are always so full of colour

        • CrochetBlogger

          @KimmyS I’ve noticed that, too, including with Anne-Marie’s blog now that you’ve pointed out that it’s Dutch. I’ve got several I follow but if you have any suggestions to check out I’m open to ideas!