Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s giveaway to win the terrific amigurumi chameleon pattern from PlanetJune. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the giveaway post, I shared info there about how smart June has been in developing her crowdsourced commissions model.

For this giveaway, I asked all of the entrants to share a comment letting everyone know what animals they’d love to see June make patterns for in the future. That was my favorite part of the giveaway because people had some great ideas. There were suggestions that June crochet patterns for a mouse, a lion, a musk ox, a moth, a buffalo, a cuttlefish, a velociraptor, a squirrel, a skunk, a lemur and a giraffe. Love it! If you have a suggestion, I’d love to see it in the comments. After all, the giveaway may be over but the creativity keeps on flowing!

Before I share the winner of the giveaway, I wanted to share a couple of photos of some of the chameleons that other people have already made using June’s great pattern:

GodzillaMom added a top hat to her chameleon. Love it!

Crochet Chrisie of Binary Solo used some terrific colors for her chameleon.

Okay, here it is … There were forty four entries. I mixed them all up and the winner is … Debbie Constable. Congrats Debbie! I hope you enjoy June’s crochet chameleon pattern. I look forward to seeing what you make with it!

If you love this crochet pattern and didn’t get a chance to win the giveaway, you can find it for sale over on Ravelry.


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