Just wanted to pin a little note here on the blog to thank all of my wonderful readers for being patient with any problems that the blog has had today. There has been some type of server issue that has caused the blog to load very slowly at some times and to even occasionally give an error that says there’s trouble establishing a database connection.

First of all, I know about the problem and I’m just as frustrated as you are!

Second, my awesome web guy has done extensive investigation into the root of the problem and is on top of trying to get it fixed.

Third, I don’t think mine is the only blog affected. It seems to be something going on with my web host. I actually really like my web host and haven’t had any major issues with them in the past. I understand that there are hiccups in technology now and then and I have little doubt that they are on top of it.

While the problem is going on, you may not be able to access the blog. You can try refreshing the page or checking back in later, especially when it’s not a peak traffic time (like try late at night). Also, I’ve noticed that my posts seem to read fine in my Google Reader even when the site itself is slow so you can see the posts via my feed, which is here.

At the end of each month I always do a roundup post with links to all of the posts I did during the month so if you miss anything because of these blog problems, those links are a way to see what you missed. I also list the top posts in my monthly newsletter which you can get for free by signing up here.

We’re working hard to get the problem under control and I appreciate you staying with me!!


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