Modern Michael Kors Crochet Tunic

Fashion designer Michael Kors recently shared a lot about his childhood in a series of interviews. Emily Cappiello of the Merrick Patch reported on this since Merrick was Kors’ hometown. One of the things she highlighted was that Kors started his fashion business as a child crocheter.

Michael Kors Poncho Dress

Kors was eleven years old at the time. There was a girl living near him who knew how to crochet. Together the two of them started to make snoods to sell to other kids in the neighborhood. Kors also made whip-stitched leather bags and hammered copper bracelets.

Michael Kors Crochet Shoes

Kors set up a little store in the basement of his Merrick home. He invited all of the other kids he knew to come buy the goods, including the crochet snoods. Within a week, everything that they had made had sold out.

The Neiman Marcus price for this Michael Kors crochet tank dress is almost $1500

Of course, Kors has gone on to great success as a fashion designer but I can’t help but imagine how it might have started even earlier if he’d grown up in the era of Etsy instead of a time when sales were limited to the basement at home!

Michael Kors crochet vest with fringe

I’ve seen Michael Kors complain on Project Runway that crochet reminds him of doilies. Oddly, the only crochet from his lines that I can find online is white / cream openwork crochet. While not truly doily-like, it hints at that look much more so than some of the other options for contemporary crochet.


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