Hi awesome readers!

If you’ve been following along on the blog this week then you know that I had some web host issues that were causing this blog to be super slow (and sometimes inaccessible). It’s really frustrating to disappoint my readers who try to visit to see my recent posts and then can’t get in. And it’s really frustrating on my end because my tech skills are limited and things like this typically really throw me for a loop.

Enter …. Web Guy!!

Amigurumi Superman via Geek Crafts

Last year I knew I needed some help with the tech end of things and I got lucky enough to find someone who has consistently been an awesome web superhero for me. He came to the rescue again with this recent web problem, getting on the phone with my hosting service and figuring out the problem and taking care of it. This allows me to do what I need to do on my end, writing and researching for new posts, without stressing out about how to get my web company to do what I need to do.

So, the problem is now fixed. You should be able to read Crochet Concupiscence today without difficulty including the posts that went live during the issue like 20 Crochet Wedding Ideas for the DIY Bride and 20 Creative Things a Crocheter Can Do with Paper.

Let’s give some thanks to my web guy in the comments!! And also thanks to the readers who stick with me through the ups and downs of the web!


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