Here are this week’s links to all of the crafty posts that I think crocheters should make sure not to miss!

Something Special

In case you missed it earlier this week, make sure to check out the 25% off membership deal that TAFA is offering to my readers; it expires tomorrow. TAFA is a professional organization that helps fiber artists with marketing and networking.

Top Crochet Info

  • The Generosity of Stitchers Around the World. @ShortysSutures did a really great post about how generous the online stitchery community is, especially in regards to sharing craft information and knowledge. She also suggests several yarnie podcasts in this post. (And you’ll see that I commented there to add that @FreshStitches does a Crochet Podcast:
  • No 2013 Special Olympics Scarves Project. I found out via @crochetwithcris that the super popular project where people donate scarves to Special Olympics won’t be happening again in 2013. They basically received so many donations that it overwhelmed them and they’re stopping the project as a result; they’ll be donating this year’s excess next year.
  • Best Blocking Tips. Stitch and Unwind asked readers to comment with their best tips for blocking and it wound up being a great collection of commented tips.
  • There’s a New Crochet Magazine. If you haven’t seen it, yet, it’s called Love of Crochet. I haven’t seen a print copy myself but I keep hearing good things about it. One blogger who likes it is @artlikebread.
  • The Ravelympics Issue. You’ve probably already heard about the problem that crafters encountered this week with the US Olympics Committee. I will probably be writing a bit more in detail about this on the blog next week, although I do see that a lot of people have adequately covered the news, so we’ll see. It’s a big issue, though, so I wanted to make sure to link to it here this week in case you somehow missed it. I’ve linked to the newspaper article from @TheAtlantic because I feel like they summarized it all pretty well here but if you want to know more just Google “ravelympics” in the news or look for that on Twitter and you’ll find lots more info. Another good link for lots of info on this as it relates specifically to crocheters is from @crochetlibfront.

Crochet How Tos

Beautiful Things People are Crocheting

KathyAnne White does these really cool art pieces with beverage can digital prints. You can’t tell from the front of the piece but when you look at the back you find out that it’s all held together with crochet. Her great blog post this week explains how she does it.

These awesome crochet pretzel pillows are from Twinkie Chan; her blog tells you more about them.

I’m kind of adoring crochet collars right now and apparently so is @sheepishknit

Favorite Video of the Week

@oleknyc has her signature crochet work featured in a Samsung ad (which I saw first over @crochetoday). Apparently the yarnbombers are popular with advertisers since Magda Sayeg has had her work in ads for Sudafed, Smart Car and more

I also just had to share this short video of arm knitting! (Found via @lastejeymaneje)

Crochet Patterns

Other Stuff

  • Etsy is Inspiring. @jimmybeanswool did a nice post showing some of the Etsy things that inspire them
  • 5 Common Types of Craft Blog Posts. @theandipants shares the most common types of posts you’ll see if you read craft blogs.
  • Using a No Pin Code. There was a really smart post over on @pinnable about smart reasons a blogger may use a No Pin code. I’ll be honest – I HATE when people use this. Anything people do that makes it seem like they don’t want me to share their work with others turns me off. But I love the article because it allows me to challenge that perception and try to see it from a different point of view.
  • Crafty Crafty Has a New App. You can use it as a way to stay on top of all of the site’s cool posts. Did you ever see my roundup of 25 crochet and yarn apps?

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