Ingrid Zambrano is a crochet artist who makes beautiful dolls for sale in hotels near where she lives. Recently she has also started branching out into sculptural crochet work. I’m loving where she’s going with this and think it will be exciting to watch her crochet art develop over time. You can visit Ingrid on Facebook.

Ingrid’s Dolls

Ingrid began making crochet dolls just for fun and then eventually started selling her work. She places the dolls at hotels in Mexico city and Playa del Carmen, allowing visitors to purchase a great gift from a local artisan instead of the typical tourist souvenirs.

Aren’t the button eyes on this one great? That reminds me – did you see my recent roundup of ideas for using buttons with crochet?

This crochet art doll comes with her own hammock

Ingrid’s muñecas (that’s dolls in Spanish) wear clothing inspired by many different places including her own friends, people she sees on the street, DJs in the music scene, and more. Do click through to see all of Ingrid’s crochet dolls because there are lots of them and they each have their own cute personalities!

Ingrid’s Stackable Sculptures

Ingrid’s dolls are definitely beautiful but it’s also interesting to see the new work that’s been crocheting recently. I’m especially in love with her tall stackable crochet sculptures; it’s such a simple idea and yet it’s not something I’ve seen before.

More Crochet Art from Ingrid

Ingrid wants to explore many different new things with her artwork. A recent piece takes inspiration from hyperbolic crochet:

Other Similar Crochet Artists

What I love about Ingrid’s work (what I love about what any artist does, really) is that it’s unique. But of course, there are certainly some artists that it reminds me of. Here are some other artists that come to mind when I see Ingrid’s work:

The dolls make me think of KooKooCraft, a crochet doll maker with a blog and Etsy store.

The way that the sculptures are stacked reminds me of how some artists stack crochet stones. This example comes from Margaret Oomen (AKA Knitalatte of Resurrection Fern).

I’m reminded of Cami from Art Like Bread, not because her work is really similar to Ingrid’s, but because they are both crochet artists from Mexico. She’s a member of Ganchitos, an official CGOA chapter; this photo is from the group’s recent participation in a yarnbombing event.

Which one of Ingrid’s crochet dolls is your favorite?


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  1. artlikebread Reply

    Hello! Thanks for mentioning me in this post! A quick correction: Ganchitos Mexico City is an official chapter of the Crochet Guild of America. We did a yarnbombing event, but we are not a yarnbombing group. Have a great day! :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @artlikebread artlikebread My apologies for getting that wrong. I knew that but I first learned about Ganchitos because of the yarnbombing event and I guess I got it mixed up in my mind. I’ll make sure to go update the post now to avoid any confusion. Thanks for dropping a line!

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