Foreign language crochet blogs provide a great opportunity to soak up the visuals of our craft and to see what people in other parts of the world are working on. We’ve already looked at Italian crochet blogs and Spanish crochet blogs; today let’s look at eight French crochet blogs.

Chez Facile Cecile is a beautiful blog that shares colorful creations in multiple crafts. A lot of the crochet work is cute motif work like stylish granny square bags. It has a five-language built-in translator at the top of the page.

Oh La Vache is a lovely French crochet blog from a crafter who does beautiful lace work along with various other work. In addition to crochet, she sews and embroiders.

Petite Pimprenelle is a gorgeous craft blog with large, attractive photos. It includes knit, sewn and embroidered items as well as lots of crochet. Much of the crochet is in beautiful light, neutral, organic colors.

Toutes à nos crochets is a highly visual blog filled entirely with shares of crafted crochet items.

Julie Adore is a stimulating craft blog filled with tutorials and ideas. This blogger shares a lot about her life and activities so we can really get to know her through her blog (although I have to use Google Translate to understand it all!) You’ll find crochet here amidst cooking, fabric arts and other domestic goodness.

La Passion du Crochet is a French blog where the crafter shares the things she has made, the hooks she is using and some of the pattern charts she’s enjoying.

Annette Petavy Design is a bilingual French-English crochet blog where a great designer shares her work. It’s also bicraftual (knit and crochet) but crochet is the emphasis.

Ma Petite ile Deserte a Moi is also a bilingual crochet blog but this one is French and Norwegian. You get a chance to see a lot of great Norway images here along with images of the crafter’s crochet creations.

Did you see my post earlier this week on how to say the word crochet in 25 languages?

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