I’ll be continuing on next week with fresh posts about edgy 1970s crochet designers but I thought for this week I’d do a short roundup from previous posts to highlight five artists who were doing creative things with crochet in the 1970s and are still making art today.

1. Sharron Hedges

Sharron Hedges developed a unique style of making multi-layered, highly textural wearable art pieces using crochet as well as other fiber art techniques. Today she is one half of the mother-daughter textile design shop Djuna Shay, which sells gorgeous items including the “Twilight Tiger” cowl scarf shown above. Hedges also sells prints in her own online Etsy store. Learn more about Sharron Hedges here.

2. Jean Williams Cacicedo

Jean Williams Cacicedo was known for translating what she’d learned about painting and sculpture into wearable crochet art. She continues to make fiber artwear today, including the 2008 Turkish Coat above, using hand-dyed fabric. She also makes wall art and sculptures. Learn more about Jean Williams Cacicedo here.

3. Norma Minkowitz

Norma Minkowitz was an illustrator who branched out into fiber art and sculpture in the 1970s. Although she did do some artwear, she was really known for her sculptural pieces. She continues to make sculptural and mixed media art pieces today, sold through galleries like BrownGrotta Arts. The 2011 shown above, called The Present, is priced at $18000. Learn more about Norma Minkowitz here.

4. Janet Lipkin

Janet Lipkin was a leader in the 1970s art-to-wear movement and is still making beautiful handcrafted coats like this one. She also does paintings and monoprints. She also works as an art teacher. Learn more about Janet Lipkin here.

5. Nicki Hitz Edson

I haven’t done a full profile on this terrific artist, yet, but I’ve mentioned her repeatedly because she is one of the co-authors of Creative Crochet, one of my favorite resources for learning about these 1970s fiber artists. That book is now available on CD, for sale through Nicki’s website, which is where you can also learn more about her current artwork. She specializes in super adorable knitted pet portraits like the one shown above. She also makes knitted coats and tapestries, which are items she has always been known for. Her work frequently incorporates inspiration from nature. She’s also done very cool mask work, which I look forward to sharing with you in my full profile of her art.

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