You may recognize the above photo because it shared it recently in my roundup of 20 Awesomely Styled Crochet Fashion Photos. In addition to adoring the way the photo was styled, I really love the crochet swimsuit. I think it takes the trend of crochet swimwear that we’ve seen getting popular lately and infuses it with some true crochet style that goes beyond what most designers are doing. This made me want to learn more about Manie One so I headed to the website and here’s what I learned.

About Manie One

Manie One is the name of the crochet swimwear collection put out by designer Charmanie Couch who it turns out is located really close to me in Oakland, California. Charmanie has been doing crochet design work for at least eight years but has been crocheting for more than two decades, having learned the craft by watching her great grandmother do it. Her website adds that, “she works with different mediums to add unique touches to her designs, such as glass, metal and gem stones to name some. Working with an assortment of finishes and materials aids in turning her crochet fashions and swimwear into astonishing masterpieces that shows her incredible passion for her craft.” Couch aims to make a mark in not only the fashion industry but also in art and design. I believe her innovative crochet ideas will get her there!

Manie One Swimwear

The crochet swimwear is really what this designer is all about right now. Here are some photos of a few of my favorite designs, which can all be ordered custom fit to the measurements of the customer. There are many more designs on the Manie One website. I tend to adore the monokini style of suit that the site offers but they do have two-piece crochet bikinis as well.

4 Petals Swimsuit


Delight, an asymmetrical crochet swimsuit


Key West

As a side note, I love the beautiful mixture of multicultural models that Manie One uses to show off the swimwear.

Manie One in the Press

Manie One swimwear was featured on Joanna Krupa for a 2011 cover of FHM. The photo album link on the Manie One website has tons of great photos of the interior spread.

It’s Not All Swimwear

Manie One has done other crochet work in addition to swimwear. Some samples:

If you like what Manie One is doing, visit Facebook or Twitter to show some love.


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  1. BitterSweet Reply

    Wow, these are incredibly inspiring! I’ll have to send this page to anyone who says that crochet is an outdated hobby for little old ladies… This would sure show them!

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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ManieOne I am going to go check that out right now. That’s awesome!

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