2011 crochet: Orly Genger, StitchDiva, pillows

Let’s take a look back at what crochet stuff was happening on the blog during the last week of May last year and see if we can find out some of the updates on that stuff today.

Crochet Art

crochet rope jewelry by Orly Genger and Jaclyn Meyer

The crochet artist that I profiled during this time last year was Orly Genger, an artist who works with large scale rope crochet that she works without hooks. Mostly she does installation work in museums and public spaces but she also did smaller jewelry pieces in collaboration with Jaclyn Mayer, which I actually really loved and made sure to highlight in that original article. The 2012 jewelry collections are beautiful but don’t feature that same crochet-style that the original work I looked at had. However, I did find a really great tutorial for a bracelet inspired by their work that was published by Blog a la Cart last fall.

Crochet rope bracelets by Blog a la Cart

As for her other work, the big news I found for Orly Genger in the past year is that she was the 2011 winner of the $25000 Rappaport artist prize.

Crochet Artists

I also shared a list of 25 crochet artists worth learning more about. I’ve written about most of these artists on this blog now so here’s that list again, this time with links to the articles that will tell you more about them.

  1. Olek. Known for large scale yarnbombs and public installations.
  2. Leslie Blackmon. Known for her Baa-merica! series of mixed media sheep based on pop culture icons like Andy Warhol.
  3. Emily Barletta. She does great organic-looking abstract crochet pieces in beautiful colors.
  4. Nathan Vincent. Large-scale crochet installations like a crocheted locker room.
  5. Miller & Shellabarger. Male couple that crochets together in installation/performance pieces.
  6. Orly Genger. (Obviously just highlighted above.)
  7. Carol Hummel. Probably best known for her crochet covered trees.
  8. Xenobia Bailey. She makes great crochet hats inspired by crowns and large scale African-inspired pieces.
  9. Theresa Honeywell.
  10. Barbara Koenen. Known for her grenade cozies.
  11. Crystal Gregory. She does soft pieces in hard urban environments.
  12. Sheila Pepe. She does interactive work where people can add crochet to what she’s created.
  13. Sara Christensen Blair. Uses crochet to explore femininity in society.
  14. Tracy Krumm. Crochet metalwork.
  15. Elaine Bradford. Known for her library installation of colorful crocheted animals.
  16. Jo Hamilton. Amazing crochet portraits.
  17. Laurel Roth. Multimedia artist who made a series of pretty crochet pigeons.
  18. Mandy Greer. Large-scale and interactive crochet installations.
  19. Shauna Richardson. Known for her crochetdermy, especially her recent Lionheart project
  20. Robere Mertens. He blends crochet with sound appropriation and composition in unique installations that make big statements.
  21. Patricia Waller. She crochets cute popular creatures, like Bambi, but makes them dark.
  22. Joana Vasconcelos. Famous for her white doily crochet over objects, recently became the first contemporary female artist to exhibit at The Chateau de Versailles.
  23. Jack Davis. Has spent a lifetime crocheting male genitalia for art.
  24. Ming-Yi Sung. Sculptural crocheter.
  25. Caroline Routh. Creative use of tapestry crochet techniques.

Crochet Books

The crochet book I looked at was Margaret Hubert’s The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet. It’s got tons of different stitch instructions but what I loved was that it’s so much more than that. It covers specialty techniques, like Bruges Lace, with information from experts in those techniques. It shares a history of crochet, notes about neat places like a California lace museum and more. There are also some great projects shown here … one of my favorites is a broomstick lace jewelry frame by StitchDiva Jennifer Hansen.

Crochet News

One of the stories from this time last year was about a woman named Barbie Kihara who crochets at a McDonald’s in Hawaii for up to fourteen hours each day. Interestingly, this has been one of the most popular news posts on this blog! Kihara has profiles set up on Facebook as well as the CrochetMe forums but hasn’t been active in either spot.

I shared the idea about a handmade crochet wine glass holder for summer festivals, which I’d found, oddly enough, through an article over at The Consumerist. I’ve looked around for other examples of this and see some cute ones on Etsy made by DizzyOwl. Oddly enough, I haven’t been able to find a single crochet pattern for this item … do you know of one? It should be simple enough to figure out … working in the round with an opening left for the stem of your glass and then adding a chain for the necklace.

Also, I asked who your favorite crocheters on Twitter are. I didn’t get much in the way of response then but I’d still love to know … who do you think is terrific to follow on Twitter for crochet? Share your answers in the comments below!

But my favorite news post from this time last year was my compilation of a timeline of important dates in crochet history.

Crochet Fashion

There wasn’t a lot of crochet fashion news at this time last year. Just this spotting of pregnant Tori Seplling in a crochet vest that looks nice and summery.

Crochet on Etsy

I shared five feature items from crocheters on Etsy:

  1. Floral crochet shawl by filofashion
  2. Crochet frog by belongingsbags
  3. Doily dress by katklop7
  4. Warm weather crochet sweater by greenroad
  5. Crochet ripple afghan by noelsembellishments

And here’s something that those Etsy stores have now:

  1. Mustard crochet blouse by filofashion
  2. Crochet caterpillar by belongingsbags
  3. Upcycled dress by katklop7, now called ByKatDesigns
  4. Crochet motif bolero by greenroad
  5. Purple crochet ripple blanket by noelsembellishments

Crochet Quotes

“The process of making an afghan is often as rewarding as the finished product, since there are so many opportunities to customize it to your personal taste and needs. Whether you are creating an afghan for yourself, as a housewarming gift, or to welcome a new baby into the world, the process is a creative meditation, and the result is a beautiful representation of time, skill, love, and good wishes.” – source

“The single material that has the ability to change more lives in the future is fiber, the simple fiber, that we use for nearly everything.” – Bradley Quinn

“Play around with materials, colors, stitches. Everything is allowed! Crochet is a magnificent adventure that opens the doors to your wildest imagination and creativity.” – Marie-Noelle Bayard

“Crochet is such a wonderful craft. There are so many facets and variations to explore with a hook and some yarn. The creative possibilities are endless.” – Margaret Hubert

“Crochet uses surprisingly little equipment which makes it a wonderfully portable craft.” – Sue Whiting

Here’s What I was Up to A Year Ago:

I shared a roundup of the crochet pillows I made. I still have some of these pillows. Others I recently frogged and repurposed into new crochet pillows.

And I shared ideas for 10 creative uses for your crochet swatches.

Visit the links throughout this post to learn more about each of these things!


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