I recently came across amazing knitwear designer Sandra Backlund, thanks to Eleven Handmade. (I can’t remember if she shared the work on her blog or on Pinterest, since I follow both, but either way I’m glad I found this designer!) I’ve been drooling over the stunning eye candy on the designer’s website ever since.

I’ll share some photos of my favorites here. The first one is the one that ElevenHandmade shared that introduced me to this fashion artist.

I tried to pick items that I’m pretty sure are crochet and not knit but sometimes I still can’t tell the difference in photos so feel free to correct me in the comments if you think I’m wrong. Either way, I’ve read that all of the works are handmade by the designer. In addition to her knit and crochet work she’s done some really cool pieces out of paper, metals, clothespins and other odd materials. I have to share one of those that I know isn’t crochet because it’s so weirdly gorgeous … I’m pretty sure that’s real hair.

That said, knit or crochet or something with hair, I adore all of these pieces and I encourage you to check out her full collections on her website. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Vogue Japan, Vogue Italia and Surface.


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    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ElevenHandmade Me, too, and I’m thankful that I found her through you!

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