When you have a dress as boldly patterned and shaped as the black and white wrap dress I’m wearing above it can be really tough to figure out how to add in some crochet touches to the outfit. Here are some ideas that work.

The most obvious choice is to keep things simple by adding a black crochet cowl or scarf and a pair of black high heels. You add a small personal touch to the outfit but nothing that takes away from the boldness of the dress.

A chunky grey cowl works because the grey is a neutral color that will look sophisticated with a black and white pattern. I like the chunky look because of the drama and I’ve enhanced that drama by wearing the hood up on the dress this time. For shoes I would go with grey flats but black flats or heels would work just as well.

A scarf can also be worn on the outside of the hooded wrap but I’d recommend going only with a skinny scarf here because otherwise the look is usually too bulky. I’ve chosen a sparkly bobble scarf in blue and black. The black ties in with the dress and I’ve worn blue shoes to tie it all together. It was an unusually warm day so I didn’t wear any tights but I’d be likely to wear slightly sparkly patterned fishnets with this look.

You know that I’m happy to get a little bit funky with my outfits. And you may also know that I love my red boots and love black, white and red together as a color scheme. So I added my red boots and then paired it with a closely-matching maroon crochet hat. I went with an artsy hat and loved that the black and white designs on it tied in really well with the color scheme of the wrap dress.

I love the simplicity and ease of wearing a wrap dress but I also love that there are multiple creative ways you can wear one as well. To start with, you can choose to wear it open instead of tied shut so it functions more like a coat. Here I’ve used that option to put it over a crochet dress. I went with a black, grey and blue dress because it’s the one I have that matches a black and white color scheme best. It’s an open work dress so I wore a black slip underneath and I chose black tights and black flats to keep some classiness to the outfit. I added a blue necklace for an extra touch of accessory.

Here I’ve worn the wrap open with the hood up. Instead of putting it over a dress, I’ve made it a casual look over skinny dark jeans and a black tank top. For the crochet, I’ve added a bright thick pink scarf. This makes the scarf the attention-getting piece in spite of the fact that the black and white dress is so bold. I think this choice works best with the wrap open because the closed wrap feels more dramatic to me.

Here is where I’ve really taken advantage of the many crazy ways you can tie a wrap dress. I’ve kept the same outfit as above (black tank, skinny jeans) and done an unusual wrap with the ties of the dress. This wrap option doesn’t actually secure the dress shut so I’ve used a crochet belt to do that. I actually probably would have chosen a black crochet belt if I owned one but I went with what I had which is plum and black. A headband adds extra statement. If you wanted, a bunch of random jewelry would work with this kind of funky style as well.

Which of these style choices most closely matches how you would wear crochet with a black and white wrap dress?


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