Have you noticed that many people use trees to hold their crochet shawls when they photograph them for their pattern PDFs, online stores and blogs? Take a look:

This is the Shells and Chains Crochet Shawl pattern by AnastaciaKnits. I’ve crocheted this pattern before but this photo is hers. She always does creative photos for her patterns, which you can find on Ravelry here.

This Easy Crochet Shawl was shared by Designs by KN for Knit and Crochet Blog Week. You can find the crochet pattern on her website.

Check out Grateful 4 Crochet for close-up photos of this colorful shawl.

This is the Wingspan Crochet Shawl, a free crochet pattern by Carole Marie on Ravelry

Five Corner Shawl crochet pattern by Bonnie Groening, available for sale on Ravelry

Light blue crochet shawl from Etsy’s SpunFromHome

Elsie’s Shawl by Kat Mcab, crochet pattern for sale on Ravelry

Gorgeous felt shawl connected with mohair crochet by SueForeyfibreart from Etsy

This crochet bridal shawl comes from a lovely Spanish language blog.

In fairness this is actually a knit shawl, not a crochet shawl, but I love the drama of the photograph so I had to share it! It’s from Knitting, Bees and Life

I love the combination of nature and crochet that you can see in these photos. And I think it’s a great way for a designer to show their crochet work when they don’t have a model and need to display it on a prop. Of course, there are other ways as well:

You can display it spread out on the couch like Enthusiastic Crochetaholic did with this chenille shawl.

Or hang it off of the side of the truck like Licensed to Knit did with this Noro sock yarn shawl.

Don’t have a truck? What about a motorcycle? From Etsy’s KD Handmade.

I love the Multnomah Crochet Shawl by Kate Ray over on the Green Clogs blog. She shows that you can photograph a shawl by hanging it over a chair.

You could also hang it on a staircase bannister, like SEWmuchKNITting did, which is nice because it gives you a chance to see most of it.

A park bench works nicely as we can see from the display of this flower crochet shawl from Monster-Arkivet.

Or have your crochet shawl on the rocks like this one from Pia Linden.

Or just hang it from the clothesline like tiny happy did with this terrific sophisticated crochet shawl!

But what do you think … do you like crochet shawls on trees or would you rather see them on people?



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  1. Anastacia Knits Reply

    LOVE this round up & I love that you used one of mine! :) I always think shawls on people are better, but in a pinch, I think nature shots work well. The tree shot is so popular I think because you really can see the detail in the shawl, much better than if it’s draped on something solid.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Anastacia Knits Great point! The open staircase bannister works well for the same reason, I think, but the nature shots look better (and have the benefit of natural lighting for the photo).

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