“Retired/disabled senior teaches history to neighborhood children by crocheting period custom designs for Barbie dolls”

When I see a headline like this on top of a press release I just have to click over and learn more. The information in the release was just as promising as the headline had made me hope.

The story is about a woman named Patricia Compton who recently retired from the aero-space industry. It was her hobby throughout her career to relax by crocheting custom period dresses for Barbie dolls. Now she’s putting that hobby to use in her post-retirement era to teach kids about history using the pieces she made in the past.

Basically, Compton has taken Ken and Barbie and dressed them up in crocheted items that fully represent certain historical figures. So Barbie becomes a crocheted Queen Elizabeth or Queen Nefertiti and Ken becomes George Washington or Napolean Bonaparte.

Compton has teamed up with The Urban League in Las Vegas to display her collection of period piece crocheted dolls at The Pearson Center until the end of June. She gives afternoon talks at the center to teach children about the historical figures represented by her dolls.

Compton doesn’t just crochet dolls. She has crocheted everything from pot holder to eye glasses and those items are also in display. There is also a collection of 21 crochet purses displayed. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any photos of the work (anyone in Vegas want to check it out and share photos?!) but I was so intrigued by the whole idea of this that I had to share the news anyway.

To be honest, I’ve always found those crochet doll dresses uninteresting. I think crochet is a personal thing and you should do whatever you want with it but that’s an aspect of it that’s never interested me much personally. However, seeing this usage of those dolls makes me a lot more interested!



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  1. While Barbie was never my thing, I love the whole idea here!

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