Last fall I did a roundup of seven luxury crochet jewelry items and one of the ones I just had to include was the beautiful Spectrum Wave Necklace by Arielle de Pinto. I love her gorgeous upscale crochet jewelry so I was really intrigued to find out that she’s now branched out into a collaboration that brings her crochet skills to a shoe line.

Who is Arielle de Pinto

2008 Arielle de Pinto

Arielle de Pinto is a jewelry maker with a foundation in crochet. An article on Fader explains:

“Arielle de Pinto got her start with crochet years ago in Montreal, where cold winters and a film-obsessed roommate meant untold couch hours and idle hands. When spring came, she stuck with it, and, before long, de Pinto swapped out yarn for fine strands of metal, which she crocheted into the loose-hanging spiderwebs of silver and gold spun into her eponymous and highly coveted line of fine jewelry.”

2010 Arielle de Pinto Crochet

I really love this designer’s crocheted jewelry. I especially love some of her most recent stuff which shows her branching out from traditional jewelry (like a necklace) into true wearable art. Like this piece from her 2012 Spring Summer Collection:

Arielle de Pinto Shoes

This year Arielle de Pinto collaborated with a Belgian art collective called LVMM to create a line of shoes. She did the crochet work for the shoes. Fader reports that the artist was really excited to work with new materials. She’s been working with metal for so long that it was a treat to return to softer materials. It was also a treat to work with a mixture of materials since the shoes not include her elastic crochet work but also cork and foam.

To be honest, I personally don’t really find these shoes aesthetically appealing. I think that they look super comfy but I don’t like the style of the big thick sole. It’s a personal preference; I think almost all wedged sandals and thick-soled sandals are ugly. That said, I think that they’re super interesting because they look different from any other crochet shoes I’ve ever seen. They have an urban edginess that combines something sporty with something feminine and I like that idea. And I think it’s a cool departure from Arielle de Pinto’s normal work.

What do you think about Arielle de Pinto? Are you more a fan of her crochet jewelry or of her new crochet shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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