I always check in to see what’s been posted on What Not To Crochet. I think it’s a hilarious site that shows some of the ridiculous things that people crochet, things that perhaps this world didn’t ever need from the way-too-anatomically-correct to the “why do we need things like crochet beard hats for babies”. I give them props for sure because they have some funny finds.

But my personal opinion is that sometimes they get it wrong. To be honest, I think the whole premise of sites like this is a little rude … I prefer to promote things I love, not things I want to talk smack about. But I think the site was made with good intentions and doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s okay. I follow it. I like.

But like I said, I think sometimes they totally get it wrong. Sometimes the things that they select to showcase on the site are wild and crazy wonderful things that I totally think were absolutely great contributions to the world of crochet art and wearables.

Here are some of the items that were on What Not to Crochet that I disagree and think it’s great that they were crocheted:

The crochet art costumes of Aldo Lanzini. I think they’re wonderful!

WNTC included these in their “abstract and anatomical” post and I have to say that I’m glad they’ve been crocheted because, regardless of what you think of them, the detail and sculptural art technique here is amazing. They’re from Etsy’s dogknot.

The “man crochet” of Stephane Martello, AKA Crochet Mister. I love what he does. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t. I think it’s creative and fun. In some random other news, Martello recently collaborated with a chocolatier on some chocolate-made fashion!

Sarah Applebaum’s crochet art. Actually, one of the reasons I love WNTC is it’s the first place I ever discovered crochet artist Sarah Applebaum. :) If you somehow missed her art in the Seventeen Evergreen video be sure to check it out!

The Kraken of the Sea Scoofie, previously sold on Etsy. I think it’s totally fun geekery.

So, do you agree with me or with What Not To Crochet on these things?


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  1. carolmckayau Reply

    I really hate the “What not to do” crowd/s in this world, they are so busy being lofty and scoffing that they miss out on the shear fun and delight to be had in enjoying the colourful, the whacky, the art, the fun and the funny just for the joy of it if for no other reason. Fair enough, sometimes other peoples taste makes us want to barf, but hey, they have to put up with our taste too. My biggest hate, the fact that if you have an office job in the city you are expected to dress for a funeral everyday of the working week, how depressing is that? And then they wonder why people lack joy when they are on the job. Sheesh!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @carolmckayau I have such a divided opinion on sites like wntc, Regretsy and craftastrophe. I don’t like that they are based on a negative opinion on other people’s work. But I do sometimes love what they find. I take it with a grain of salt and just use those sites to explore things that do interest me.

      Interesting point about the office job. I think it depends where you live. I don’t have one here but I see people all the time dressing funky and cool and fun. It’s definitely more laidback in the Southwest and West Coast than on the East Coast and in New England.

      • carolmckayau Reply

        @CrochetBlogger I like your attitude Kathryn! I know I need to lighten up. :)

        • CrochetBlogger Reply

          @carolmckayau :) I spent too many years taking things too seriously. Couldn’t handle it anymore!

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