The topic of the day for Day Three of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is to discuss your crochet hero. The truth is that I write about my crochet heroes all of the time. I write about the awesome crochet artists who were edgy in the 1970s and those who are edgy today, the terrific fashion designers that incorporate crochet into their designs,the great crochet bloggers who are helping to spread the word about twenty first century crochet the charity crocheters, the awesome elderly crocheters, the terrific young crocheters …

But if I had to narrow it down to a top ten of crochet heroes that really inspire me as an individual and as a crocheter, I would choose:

1. Magda Sayeg

This crochet artist was one of the first people to really raise awareness of the artistic potential of yarnbombing. She’s gone far beyond just crocheting in public spaces to making a good living doing creative crochet work for brands like Smart Car and Sudafed. It’s impressive that she can make a living at it and still be so creative.

2. Olek

Olek is another crochet artist who is making a living today with her work. I love her unique signature style. I love the videos of her work. And I consider her a hero in part because she is so incredibly prolific with her crochet.

3. Laurie Wheeler of Crochet Liberation Front

I’m convinced that Laurie can do it all and she’s done it after overcoming tough circumstances including a battle with PTSD and MPD. She has a great crochet blog. She has launched a companion site, Hookey, that is providing a wonderful community for crocheters. She provides tremendous support to other crocheters. And the woman has crocheted bacon. Bacon people. If that doesn’t make her a hero I don’t know what does.

4. June Gilbank of Planet June

For the other crochet blogger on the list I’ve chosen June because I am absolutely inspired by her great business sense. I especially love what she’s done recently by crowdsourcing crochet commissions. And her designs are super cute.

5. Nicki Hitz Edson

I am impressed by almost everyone who can create portraits in crochet. I think that what Edson is doing with crocheted pet portraits is amazing. But there’s more reason than this that she’s a hero of mine. As you may know, I’ve been doing a lot of research into 1970s crochet artists and one of my favorite resources is the Creative Crochet book co-authored by Edson in the 70s. What I’ve learned in my research is that a lot of the crocheters from that time aren’t crocheting anymore or aren’t doing much of it but Edson is still active and pushing boundaries and she’s also really friendly. My hero.

6. Linda Skuja of Eleven Handmade

If I could crochet like any crochet designer out there working today I would make the designs that Linda makes. A recent achievement I’m jealous of is that she helped a fashion designer create designs that were shown at New York Fashion Week.

7. Olgemini

If I could crochet like any two crochet designers out there working today I would make the designs that Linda Skuja makes and I’d crochet like Olgemini. :) The difference between them is that Linda creates patterns whereas Olgemini does freeform crochet projects.

8. Kristin Omdahl

I think that her Seamless Crochet technique is genius. I wish I’d created it. I wish I’d written the book she wrote. I wish I’d put it together with the instructional DVD she did. I wish I was her.

9. Dora Ohrenstein

I love her sense of style. I love her Custom Crocheted Sweaters book. I love that she has made crochet fashion accessible to many people. And she was super sweet when I interviewed her. A hero in my book.

10. Dolce & Gabbana

I’m not a designer person really. I don’t think I even own any designer labels. But I love when a good designer brings crochet to the fashion trend market and the designers that I think have done it best in recent years are Dolce and Gabbana.


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  1. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Thanks for sharing this list. I’m looking forward to learning more about Nicki Hitz Edson.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @undergroundcrafter She’s so interesting. Looking forward to sharing!!

  2. ElevenHandmade Reply

    Thank you for featuring me! I am honored to be among such great artists!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ElevenHandmade I truly think that you’re one of the hottest crochet designers that’s not getting enough attention right now!

  3. Mimoza Windisch Reply

    Hello Kathryn! Love your blog and thank you for sharing your love for hand crochet and hand knits designs and artists. I would love for you to visit my website and check out my hand crochet and hand knit designs. I also would like to invite you to the Orange County Fashion Week this March , I will be showcasing my collection of hand crochet and hand knit designs on the runway. Thank you,
    MW by Mimoza Windisch

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