2011 in Crochet: Crystal Gregory, Crochet Jewelry, Carol Hummel and Shauna Richardson

Crochet Art

Last year at this time I did a profile on crochet artist Crystal Gregory. I loved the way that she juxtaposed feminine crochet, like doilies and colorful motifs, against hard urban landscapes like chain link fences. I also like her own description of how she expresses in art the juxtaposition of individuals and society using materials like thread that are historically about both individual domestic arts and the meeting of larger social needs. Gregory has had recent work shown at various galleries in New York including a solo show wrapping up in Brooklyn tomorrow.

In crochet news, Carol Hummel was getting ready to do her terrific yarnbombed crochet tree for The Morton Arboretum exhibit. In May I wrote about her finishing it. And Shauna Richardson’s life sized crochet bear was getting ready to be part of The Power of Making exhibit. Shauna Richardson does amazing large crochet projects including the well-known lions that are part of the summer Olympics. And finally The Wertheim Sisters (known for their hyperbolic crochet reef project) were given an award last year at this time.

Crochet Books

I reviewed Crochet Jewelry by Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermakher. This was one of the only books I reviewed last year that was entirely on crochet jewelry. (Another was Hooked On Jewelry.) Some very stylish designs grace the pages of this pattern-rich crochet book.

Crochet News

My favorite story in crochet news during this week last year was about Mike Rivera, a pro linebacker who was teaching crochet to little kids.

He wasn’t the only guy doing crochet. This was when I wrote bring on the bro-chet, an article talking about the number of teenage boys that are now crocheting. I’ve reported on this again and again since then. See Teenage Boys are Crocheting Like Crazy, for example. There’s also a book that came out last year that’s a fictional story of teen boys that start a crochet business.

We also learned about Evelyn Edge, a prolific elderly crocheter. And Mary Ann Jorgensen who crocheted 200 scarves for WWII Holocaust Survivors.

And I learned a little about Oya, a sister craft to crochet.

Crochet Fashion

Around this time last year everyone was talking about The Royal Wedding and a big related fashion trend was the fascinator. I wrote about the history of the fascinator, and showed some crochet fascinators. In the fall I came back to this topic when I interviewed KAIJ who sells handmade fascinators on Etsy.

Crochet Yarn

We looked at 5 Yarn Options for Vegans. A related article that I did later in the year, although not yarn specific, was top ten eco-conscious crochet ideas.

Crochet on Etsy

I took this week last year to look at some Etsy crochet items for men. Here they are:

  1. Mens Crochet Sweater, pattern sold by Ozarknomad
  2. Mens Crochet Cap by MLanghamBlueLizard
  3. Crochet Jock Strap from SandiHaganDesigns
  4. Crochet Tie, pattern from PatternsALaCarte
  5. Crochet Fedora Hat from GiftsByGaberielle
These sellers also offer things for ladies. Here are some current items from their shops
  1. Crochet Bikini Pattern from Ozarknomad
  2. Crochet Barefoot Sandals from MLanghamBlueLizard
  3. Crochet Bikini Cover from SandiHaganDesigns
  4. 1940s Crochet Snood Pattern from PatternsALaCarte
  5. GiftsByGaberielle is currently an empty store

Crochet Quotes:

The crochet quotes that were featured on this site during this same time last year were:

“For people allergic to wool, one’s heart can only bleed.” – Elizabeth Zimmerman

“I like making a piece of string into something I can wear.” – unknown author

“The first step when beginning to crochet is to create a foundation chain of loops. It is also important to hold the hook and yarn correctly. There are many ways of doing this; the best method is the one that feels comfortable to you.” – Waejong Kim and Anna Pulvermahker

“If yarn were meth, I wouldn’t have any teeth!” – @365Crochet

“I’m always trying to reel in the every-crafters to give the hook a try.” – Lindamade

Here’s What I was Up to A Year Ago:

I was making crochet cowls:

Visit the links throughout this post to learn more about each of these things!


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