2011 Crochet: Tracy Krumm, Piperlime, Jan Eaton, Abinocoe

What was the crochet news in the first week of April in 2011? And what’s happened since then in relation to that old news? Let’s take a look!

Crochet Art

Draped (Screwed), a work of metal crochet art from Tracy Krumm

The crochet artist I profiled was Tracy Krumm. She is unusual in comparison to other crochet artists I’ve profiled because her work is metal. Krumm’s website reveals that she has a ton of great stuff going on for 2012. She just wrapped up a gallery show in Maryland. She’s got work in another one starting soon in Denver. This summer she’ll be part of the Women to Watch 2012: Fiber and Textiles show in Kansas and she’ll also be teaching a few workshops. And she’s got work in a traveling exhibit that started last fall and continues through this fall.

Table (Husks), Crocheted metal husks with panel by Tracy Krumm

As an update to that article, I thought I’d shared a description of Krumm’s work from a September 2011 Finlandia.edu article:

What remains and is essential? What escapes or dissipates and is no longer relevant?

Tracy Krumm’s sculptures-both reminiscent of tools from the past and metaphors for the modern world-pose these questions in physical form.

Krumm’s work embraces traditional “domestic” and gender-specific techniques, like crochet and blacksmithing, but her materials are transformed into conceptual explorations of feminism, popular culture, personal history and identity.

Crochet Books

I reviewed the Crochet Book 200 Crochet Tips, Techniques and Trade Secrets by Jan Eaton. It’s a stitch knowledge encyclopedia with a wealth of information. Mostly I review crochet pattern books so it was nice to review a more informational resources. Some other tips-based crochet books I’ve reviewed here on the blog are 220 More Crochet Stitches, Crochet Stitch Motifs, Betty Barnden’s Finishing Techniques for Crocheters, Crochet Techniques and Crochet! The last one is most similar to this one in my opinion.

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

It was the end of last year’s Knit and Crochet Blog Week. I had three posts for that:

Don’t forget that the 2012 Knit and Crochet Blog Week is at the end of this month. I’ll be participating again.

Crochet News

It’s not quite crochet news but I had noticed that there was a crochet blanket shown on Life on Mars (it’s shown again above). Some other TV shows that have featured crocheting or crochet items include The New Girl, Ugly Betty and Golden Girls.

In more charitable crochet news, I shared the story of a woman who decided to learn to crochet just to do charity work. It’s a sweet story. At the end of the year I created a booklet of crochet stories (order here) and this one was one of them.

In slightly stranger news, last year at this time politician Chuck Turner was convicted of accepting kickbacks and sent to prison. This relates to crochet only in that crochet expert Annissa Essaibi-George of Stitch House recommended that Turner use his time productively by learning to crochet. I don’t know if he ever did that but I’ve reported on several prison crochet programs since that time.

Crochet Fashion

The color white was trending for spring crochet. That’s usually the case and I don’t think this spring is any exception. People like lacy white crochet as the weather gets warmer. Fashion experts recommended last year to use crochet dresses as a layering item for spring. I agree! I always layer dresses and a crochet dress is a great basic item to start with.

I shared the 2011 crochet at Piperlime. In retrospect, I’m not sure that it was all true crochet but actually Piperlime does offer some cool stuff with crochet as well as with pieces inspired by crochet style. Stuff I’m currently loving from their site:

Top trimmed with crochet granny squares. Love it! It’s from Serafina.

Michael Stars Lace Crochet Tote Bag

Crochet Open Pullover by Sabine

Jessica Simpson Crochet Fedora Hat

Crochet Yarn

I wrote about the science news that silkworms were being made to create eco-friendly day-glo fiber. Nothing’s really happened with this as far as making new inventive yarn but maybe someday!

And as far as yarn companies go, the news was that Red Heart had just released its newest crochet app. I was able to add that to my list of 25 crochet apps. For this year I’m hoping to do a post specifically on crochet iPad apps.

Crochet on Etsy

Epic Curb Chain by Abinocoe

I did an interview with Etsy crochet artist Abinocoe. She specializes in creating a unique type of crochet jewelry made to look like a combination of ropes and golden bling. Later in 2011 Abinocoe participated in my Hookin’ Up blog project which connected 30 different crochet bloggers. And later that than I included her blogroll in my crochet blog exploration project Hooked Together (which is still ongoing).

The Etsy crochet features that I chose this week last year were:

  1. Crochet Mary Jane Slippers by
  2. Cover Up Crochet Dress by UniquelyEwe
  3. Crochet Wedding Dress by Laiminga
  4. Great Crochet Dress by CasaCocoLoco
  5. Crochet Toddler Dress by FriedPickle
Here’s what’s up with those shops now:
  1. Cari4Jci is no longer open
  2. Crochet Granny Square Dress by UniquelyEwe
  3. Lace Crochet Umbrella by Laiminga
  4. CasaCocoLoco is now closed
  5. FriedPickle is closed temporarily while making new items

Crochet Quotes:

The crochet quotes that were featured on this site during this same week last year were:

“Anyone would think that after decades of dedicated yarn buying, watching yarns come and go over the years, I would learn that just because a yarn is discontinued or scarce or special to me doesn’t mean that I need to buy it up and hoard it like a squirrel with obsessive-compulsive issues, trying to shield myself against the day I can’t get more.” – Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

“Doilies are like dream catchers, each knot holding a thought, a memory. The sum of these make up the history of a place.” – My Love for you is a Stampede of Horses

“As a crocheter, I’m always looking for fresh ideas and new inspirations. Who isn’t? Recycling the same old granny square afghans year after year is not inspiring and certainly isn’t fresh. But, an offbeat but pretty crochet necklace or simple but smashing clutch bag set off with a special button really get my creative juices roaring even if I wouldn’t crochet or use those specific items.” – JD at CraftGossip

“Lots of people do take crocheting and knitting as a relaxing technique, because it is a way of releasing tension and anxiety,” she said. “They definitely take it up as a hobby for therapeutic purposes.” – James Hinton

“Crochet gives me an inner peace that I treasure each and every day.” – Judith Ferrett

Crochet on Twitter

I recommended the following eleven crochet yarn folks on Twitter; let’s see what they’re up to now:

  1. @CEYarns. Updates from Classic Elite Yarns.
  2. @websyarnstore. I’m glad I’m reviewing this because I think I often tag @webs when I mean @websyarnstore. Eek.
  3. @customyarns. Meh. This actually isn’t an interactive one so I don’t follow it anymore.
  4. @schaeferyarn. No updates unfortunately but their yarn is pretty.
  5. @SpudAndChloe. Tagline: “sweet tarns for real life”.
  6. @CascadeYarns. They share designs, photos and more.
  7. @jimmybeanswool. A good Twitter page is just one reason this yarn company got a lot of business recognition this year.
  8. @theloopyewe. Updates about what they offer in their store.
  9. @amallen773. No longer available.
  10. @LisaGentry. Inactive.
  11. @AnneBeanVA. Recently inactive.

Here’s What I was Up to A Year Ago:

I had wrapped up and sent my Scarves for Special Olympics donation so I shared what those two crochet scarves looked like:

Although I didn’t crochet any scarves for that particular cause this year, I am doing my 12 in ’12 charity crochet project so I’m donating to many other causes.

Are you enjoying these “one year ago” posts? Feedback welcome!


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