For this week’s Kathryn’s Crochet Corner I thought I’d just focus on one specific thing about me that you may or may not know: my Pinterest shares. I previously shared my Pinterest opinion and ideas for Pinterest best practices but I never really said what I personally pin on the site so I thought I’d share that now.

Here’s a screenshot of my Pinterest boards:

I currently have twenty different boards on Pinterest, most of which are related to crochet. For example, my newest Pinterest board is for crochet and lace shoes. I use them to organize the different types of crochet things that I like. For me, it’s a great visual way to see my own personal interests spread out in one space. I like to go back and look at the compilation of different things I’ve liked in a category over time. I have a board for my 365 Ways to Wear Crochet project because it’s the single best way for me to see all of the photos at once.

The truth is that I use Pinterest far more like my own inspiration board than I use it for social networking. I do follow people and I do frequently look at the crochet, art and fashion items that are pinned. But ultimately, I usually pin stuff that comes from my own crochet blog. People don’t recommend this in terms of using the site for social networking and I understand why but for me it’s about collecting the things that I like and want to go back to. Sometimes I like to go to a board, such as my crochet art board, just to look at some of the themes that have started to develop. Then I can click through back to my own links as a form of research. I mine my own archives this way but it starts by getting re-inspired by things I’ve already collected. So in crochet art I may start seeing quite a few pins of public space art and that might get me thinking about doing further research into that type of art starting with what I’ve already written about.

I started on Pinterest a long time ago, when it first launched. At the time, I was moving into a new space and a lot of the pins were items for decorating and creating my own home. Those pin boards are gone now because they aren’t relevant to me anymore. I’ve retained a few boards that aren’t crochet Pinterest creations. I’ve got one for fashion inspiration, where I do sometimes include crochet fashion but also include other things. I’ve got one for retro photo inspiration, one for hotels and places I’d like to visit some day, and one for various art that I want to look at again. These are the boards that are most likely to include pins that don’t have anything to do with my own research and are just for following up on the links later.

I could definitely do a better job of creating boards that are clearer to others in terms of niche crochet categories. I’ve done it to some extent, with boards on crochet cowls and crochet jewelry and designer crochet. But there are some boards that are just mish mash collections of items for “crochet inspiration” or “crochet I adore”. When I start to see things that I pin a lot here, like the crochet shoes, I eventually create a new Pinterest board to collect them in one space. It doesn’t always make sense to others but it makes sense to me. And while I want my Pinterest crochet boards to be accessible to others, I first and foremost want them to be a place for me to play.

If you like looking at crochet (not necessarily for patterns but more for inspiration) and you enjoy Pinterest then you can join me here. And if there are any Pinterest crochet boards you’d like me to create, let me know. Some of the ones I’m thinking about are Pinterest Crochet Hats, General Fiber Arts Finds and Just Crochet Bags.


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  1. ReneeSpear401 Reply

    Look at your short hair! It’s cute. Older photo, I take it?

    I’m not stalking you, but I did follow you after reading this post (I’m Renee Lake on Pinterest, FYI). I’m not as organised as you, and I tend to re-think my boards often. And it’s a big time-suck; but one I love. LOL.

    Renee :)

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ReneeSpear401 Thanks Renee! Yes, I had my hair short for about a year and a half. I stopped cutting it short about a year ago and it’s grown out a lot since then. At the moment I think I’m going to grow it super long but I change my mind a lot about my hair so we’ll see. :)

      And thanks for the Pinterest follow. That’s one place I don’t mind being stalked at all! :)

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