There are millions of people who crochet. There are a smaller number who make crochet art. And then there are people who take their crochet art to an extreme and make large-scale crocheted spaces that you can live inside. Let’s take a look at some of those projects over the years:

Crocheted Rooms

The first example of a completely crochet covered room that comes to mind is the apartment exhibit by Olek (which she did first in New York and then did a new version of recently in London:

olek crochet room

olek crochet apartment

Another example of a great crochet room is the Granny Square Wreck Room by Allyson Mitchell.

crochet whole house

granny square wreck room

Another example of a room crocheted for an art installation comes from Flickr’s erica.naylor who did a 2011 installation at the Northfield Arts Guild:

crocheted room

And there’s a Knitta Please room made of both knit and crochet:

yarnbombed room

Or if you’re a fan of the gym maybe you’d like to hang out in the crocheted locker room created by artist Nathan Vincent:

nathan vincent crochet locker room

Crochet Tents

You could also encase yourself inside of the comfort of a crochet tent, like this one from artist Timothy J Karpinski:

crochet tent

Olek also has a crochet tent:

olek crochet tent

And so does terrific crochet artist Xenobia Bailey:

xenobia bailey crochet tent

Crochet Yurt

A yurt, as you may or may not know, is a nomadic dwelling. Kate Pokorny, inspired to believe that anything is possible with crochet after watching a TED talk with Margaret Wertheim, decided that she wanted to crochet a full-sized yurt. She started this project in 2009 and the most recent update I can find is a 2011 update saying that she still hadn’t gotten all of the wool she needed to crochet the yurt but she was still at work on it.

Crocheted Camper

Or take your crocheted home on the road with something like the crochet camper by Magda Sayeg:

crochet rv

Crochet Hotel Room

Of course, if you can’t imagine actually living in crochet (or you have a partner who won’t let you!) then you could just take a vacation and stay in a crochet hotel room like the Knit / Crochet room at Hotel Pelirocco done by Kate Jenkins:

crochet hotel


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  1. Awesome pics Thanks for sharing. Oh the work that went into them,pricless…

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @65mary65 Thanks. I am so impressed by the work that these people have done!

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