It should be really fun to look at the entries today for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week since the challenge is to do a different type of post from what you normally do. For my part, I thought I’d let you get some fresh insight into me by letting you know what I’d be if I were …

If I Were a Yarn

Dream In Color Starry

Deep but light, mostly normal and usually comfy but with a little bit of sparkle

If I Were a Crochet Stitch

Ribbed HDC … Fairly straightforward but not the first thing you think of and with a little something special to my texture

Photo Credit: Crafty Stylish

If I Were a Handmade Item

Curious, fun-loving, a little silly but family-oriented. Bonus note: Monkey is my Chinese zodiac sign. :)

Photo credit: Visit Planet June to see more about these crochet monkeys

If I Were a Cloud Tag

This one is actually what Wordle tells me about this blog, not really about my personality per se, but since I’m here five times a day that’s definitely a big part of me!

If I Were a Part of a Home

The fireplace or the wine, take your pick … something that warms up the space but doesn’t have to be the focus of attention in all situations.

For this same type of post in Crochet Blog Week last year I shared a crochet poem.


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  1. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Cool. I can totally imagine you as a sparkle yarn :).

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