I recently found the loveliest 1970’s yellow halter dress in a thrift store in The Haight. I’m adoring it and want to wear it pretty much every day because it makes me feel sunny and bright. I’m also having fun trying to figure out how to wear crochet with it for my 365 Ways to Wear Crochet project. There are lots of options but let’s look first at scarves. Here are some ideas for how to match your scarf to a yellow dress to achieve different effects.

Bright Colors for Flirty Springtime Feelings

The weather changes quick here so I love having a bright springtime scarf that is also think and warm!

For the warmest spring days, a light bobble scarf in bright blue is also a great springtime choice.

White is Light and Summery

I’d totally wear this white circle crochet scarf to a summer beach wedding.

Black Makes the Dress Classier

Here I’ve used a black scarf and black heels to take this dress from a beach look to a dinner date. I’d probably wear my hair down with this look.

Grey for Sophistication

I love the color combo of yellow with grey so I definitely recommend this choice. Here I’ve shown a light grey ribbon scarf for warmer weather and a my chunky grey cowl for cooler weather.

Purple Offers a Funky Look

I remember when I was a kid reading one of those style books that told me that purple and yellow were colors that clashed and I shouldn’t wear them together. I was a little obsessed with those kinds of books at the time; the kind of teen make-up and style books that came in the mail and told me things like how to figure out if I’m a warm or cool makeup person and how to wear the right colors. I didn’t understand at the time what “clashing colors” were. And I maintain that purple and yellow can look cool together if you want a funkier look. So here’s my purple circle scarf with my yellow dress:

Most of the scarves that I’ve chosen to show here are lightweight, skinny scarves. That’s because this isn’t the kind of dress I’d layer up a lot with jackets and tights (unlike most of what I own) so I’d consider it a dress for warm weather and therefore I’d want lighter scarves.

Which color would you most likely use to match your scarf to a yellow dress?


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      @scarletdash Thanks! It’s a bold look and I love it also :)

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