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I recently discovered Helen Rödel when I saw her amazing crochet owl hat that graced the runway a couple of years ago along with several other handmade masks/hats (like the men’s mask above). I’ve since being doing a bunch of research into this stunning Brazilian artist who creates wearable art using knit and crochet techniques that really toe the line between “what is fashion” and “what is art”. I’m enamored.

Helen Rödel: Fashion Designer

From Helen Rödel’s Dragao Fashion Brasil Runway Show

Helen Rödel considers herself a fashion designer so that’s what I’d say that she is first and foremost. Her work has been on a number of runways including those at Brazilian fashion week. Rödel specifically aims to incorporate manual techniques, like knit and crochet, as a main feature of her collections in order to celebrate those traditional crafts while bringing them into a modern catwalk spotlight.

From Helen Rödel’s Editorial Estudos MMXI Collection

Helen Rödel: Artist

From Helen Rödel’s Editorial Estudos MMXI Collection

There is always a fine line between fashion and art and I definitely see Helen Rödel crossing over that line and back again in each of her collections. The creativity in each of her individual fashion items shows a strong artistic sensibility. Her choice of styling to create stunning photographs that turn the fashion item into an entire story takes us over the edge into art. I’d adore her pieces on their own but it’s the whole setting in which their presented that elevate them to art status!

Helen Rödel’s 2008 Dom Casmurro Dress

Helen Rödel: Crocheter

Rödel uses both knit and crochet in her collections. You’ll see as you look through them that the popcorn stitch is one of her favorite stitches. I love the way that she uses it to create highly textured pieces that look like they have a life of their own. She says herself in the above video (with English subtitles) that she enjoys the organic nature of this stitch. I also learned from this video about her experience with crochet fashion as both a solitary activity and a collaborative one which I find very interesting since I usually crochet alone but have definitely been appreciative of the crochet community around me.

Note: Photos from Helen Rödel’s Flickr


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