I’m working my way through Simone Werle’s 50 Fashion Designers You Should Know Designer Crochet: The 50 Famous Fashion Designers Project to see what kind of crochet is in the designers’ lines. This week we’re up to Giorgio Armani.

Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani

Here’s how Werle’s book describes this designer:

“The Italian designer symbolizes reduced forms and neutral colors. He is seen as paving the way for modern, minimalistic design.”

Armani wasn’t always on the fashion design path. He started off studying medicine but decided to quit that work in 1957 in favor of taking on a job as a window dresser. He worked as a fashion buyer for a time but eventually formed some alliances that moved him over into making his own designs. Nearly twenty years after leaving medical studies, he finally opened his own business, launching his first collection in 1975. Some of the things he’s been known for include Oscar dresses, women’s power suits that don’t look like men’s suits, and his 1980 costume collection for the film American Gigolo. In 2001 he was named the most successful Italian designer. As of 2011 his personal worth was valued at over $7 billion.

Armani Crochet

Recent Armani crochet swimsuit

Molly Sims in a crochet fringe dress at Armani store opening, via Glamour Magazine

I can’t tell but all reports indicate that this 2011 Armani jacket is crocheted.

2012 beaded crochet pullover by Armani

Wearing Crochet with Armani

A crochet top worn with Armani Exchange shorts, via Wendy’s Lookbook

A crochet granny squares scarf gets stylish with Armani sequin boots! Via Flickr’s Annie Butterfly

Armani I Would Love to See Reinvented in Crochet

1997 Armani dress, via C’est si belle

Vintage Armani Dress; I’d love to see those bow details recreated on a crochet dress

Okay, so I don’t really like the Armani men’s swimsuit but since it exists I’d kind of love to see a crochet version. :)

Did you see the designer crochet tool I previously posted? Visit it, hit “start styling” and put together outfits using pieces from previous Designer Crochet posts to create a display for the gallery.


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