Today’s crochet quote by Edie Eckman shares the wonder of Japanese crochet. It’s from her article on the topic in the Spring 2012 issue of Crochet! Magazine.

“When you think of lovely silk kimonos and exquisite bonsai trees, you realize that the Japanese have a tradition of incorporating beautiful design into their everyday lives. But did you know that Japanese crochet is one of the most exciting elements of today’s crochet universe? In both needlework design and technique, the Japanese have a lot to teach us about making lovely, functional and beautifully executed handwork.”

What are your thoughts on Japanese crochet?


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  1. carolmckayau Reply

    Japanese crochet seems to be very tasteful, but also very subdued / subtle. I love it, but I also love the more vibrant and relaxed approach from other parts of the world.

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