I’ve talked a bit about Pinterest lately. I’ve shared my personal Pinterest opinion. And I told you how I use Pinterest to share crochet. What I haven’t mentioned is that there are alternatives to Pinterest. Let’s take a look at those and see how crochet fares on them so far.

Pinterest Clone 1: Clipix

I actually mentioned Clipix once before because it’s one that I’ve played around with using. I like it and the main reason is because you can easily clip articles in addition to just images. This helps me because I like “pinning” things for the purpose of going back later and researching it. Yes, I can do that with the bookmarks on my computer but I like that sites like Clipix or Pinterest let me easily organize those things without cluttering my bookmarks. That said, I only used Clipix briefly and then kind of stopped because I can’t keep up with multiple sites and there’s more interaction on Pinterest.

What about the Clipix crochet? Well, there is a decent amount of crochet clipped to the site although a lot of it is from the same few users (and I’m a guilty party there). There isn’t as much as you’ll find on Pinterest but there are a lot of projects, links to tutorials, etc. It’s a good one for browsing crochet projects if you somehow run out of inspiration in all of the other places you check.

Note: I’ve noticed that some of the things I clipped have a “copyright violation” now posted across them. In fact, most images on the site seem to have this now. It seems Clipix is trying hard to not fall into the bad copyright press that Pinterest went through recently. It makes looking at the site a bit less enjoyable visually, though.

Pinterest Clone 2: Juxtapost

Juxtapost is a new one for me. So far, there isn’t a lot here for people who are interested in looking at crochet items on the site. There are only about a dozen items turning up when I search “crochet” on the site. That could change if the site grows, of course, so it might be worth keeping an eye on in the future. I do like the site’s design with rounded corners on the items that are posted, a nice choice in font, and other little details that make it aesthetically enjoyable for me.

Pinterest Clone 3: Pingram

Pingram.me is a Pinterest for people who love Instagram photos. I’m not honestly sure that I get the Instagram craze. I mean, it’s cool, but I don’t love it as much as the hype around it suggests that I should. That said, it does have its own vibe and those that love it might enjoy Pingram. For there to be crochet on the site, people have to be taking photos of their crochet with Instagram, and I’m not seeing a lot of that. But there is a little. And because of the niche nature of the site the photos here are totally different from the ones you might see on Pinterest which makes it a little fun.

Pinterest Clone 4: Spark Rebel

I’m actually loving this one more than any of the others. It’s a Pinterest alternative that focuses entirely on fashion and style. I love the fashion side of crochet which you can probably tell by things like my Designer Crochet Project and my 365 Ways to Wear Crochet posts. Because of the nature of this site, most of the crochet posts are designer crochet, chain store crochet and crochet fashion posts. I love it. There are also some great handmade crochet items that are well-styled but that’s not the emphasis of what people Spark!

Pinterest Clone 5: Pinspire

I love the Pinterest alternatives that have a unique twist to them. There’s Pinterest clones for travel (GTrot, Trippy) and Pinterest clones for men (Manteresting, Gentlemint) and those type of things cover a specific niche so I think they offer something very different from Pinterest. And if a site can be similar to Pinterest with a different feature that Pinterest is lacking (like clipping articles on Clipix) then I think it’s an addition to the Interet. Pinspire is not like that. Pinspire is a complete exact ripoff of Pinterest in every way that I can see so I don’t really get why people would choose to use it. That said, there’s quite a lot of crochet pins here.

Some people prefer these Pinterest alternatives to Pinterest because of various features. Others say these knock-offs are no fair to the original site. What do you think?


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