It’s Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012!

Today’s Crochet Blog Topic

The suggested topic for today is color. All of us are crochet bloggers are talking about what colors we choose and why, what colors we hate and why, etc.

My Favorite Color Combo

I always say that my favorite color combination is blue and grey (any shade of either but always the two combined together). You may remember that from my Blue and Grey Etsy Crochet Treasury. When I go to look at yarn at a fiber festival, that’s always what I want to pick up. I think it’s a classy but cool color combination. The funny thing is that I don’t actually make many crochet things with this color combination. I don’t even wear the color combo very much. I like it but maybe it’s not my true true favorite after all.

Looking at Some Color Charts

I decided to look at some color charts online to see what colors I naturally drift to based on my initial response to them. I checked out the color charts at Webmonkey, Visibone and the Color Charts project. Although I did find myself drawn to the blues on each page I was initially really drawn to the bright pinks, reds and purples.

Color Personality Tools

I didn’t know what to make of this discovery so I decided to use some color personality tools and quizzes online. First I used the one at Better Homes and Gardens and it told me this:

My gut instinct immediately disagrees with this. I don’t like coral at all for crochet or decorating or anything else. I do like how it talks about pairing it with grey and yellow (another color combo I love) and I like that this is a feminine color but nope, BHG got it wrong. Then I took two more color personality tests (What’s my Color from Quiz Meme and BlogThing’s My Power Color) and got yellow and indigo. I kind of think there’s not much to these quizzes.

My Recent Rainbow Crochet Fetish

I do confess that lately a lot of the crochet items I’m drawn to on Flickr, Pinterest and Etsy are rainbow colored. I love what Attic 24, Bunny Mummy and Le Monde du Sucrette do with this type of crochet. I don’t make it myself because I really don’t enjoy changing colors frequently but it’s definitely what I like looking at. I also love the stuff Babukatorium does. My Colors Around a Granny treasury reflects this current interest.

So I guess the answer is that I don’t know what I like in crochet color right now but I do know it when I see it! :)


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  1. ElevenHandmade Reply

    I’d never imagine to talk about color from so many different angles.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @ElevenHandmade Yes it’s been so fun to see everyone’s different takes on color and it was really fun for me to look at it in different ways.

  2. undergroundcrafter Reply

    Hahaha, about the color personality tests. I’m glad you tried it first so now I don’t have to be disappointed :). I love blue yarns also and feel similarly about the rainbow crochet projects – fun to look at, but I can’t see myself wearing them or having a lot of them in my home.

  3. That is interesting how different the results were on those color personality tests. I love the combination of gray and blue, especially for winter projects. Rainbow colors are so appealing right now that we are on the brink of summer.

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @tientvo Great point that color preferences can vary by season!

  4. joyannerose Reply

    I love pinks, teals and purple/lavender. I do like brown, black and white and gray used as contrast for these colors, but have a terrible time seeing when using black. I do like rainbows in the sky, and as decorative kids, party type things. But I have a real pet peeve about mixing colors that do not match. (At least to me). Brown and pink, teal and brown, teal and gray, pink and gray, are all nice combos. But I can’t stand seeing, say, orange and red, or pink and red, The trend of green and pink is hard for me, but I am getting used to it. I like things that I can mix and match or different shades of the same color or a neutral color to contrast it.. .

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @joyannerose Great summary. I think one of the things that is interesting with color trends, as you pointed out, is that sometimes you can get used to something that you’re not into at first. And great point that the neutrals are terrific for softening, highlighting and changing the impact of other colors.

  5. Great post! I think that looking at colour charts and seeing what you’re drawn to is probably as fool proof as you can be. I love making colourful things, but don’t really wear much, but that dress, I may bend the rules for that ;-)

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